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The Difference Between Information and Disinformation

By Kenneth J. M. MacLean

In these times of information overwhelm, and the plethora of internet sites, how do you determine the truth?.

For example, what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico after the oil spill? I have heard (1) That the oil is still gushing out and that the media and authorities are covering up, (2) The whole thing was overblown to scare people to death, (3) people are getting sick in the Gulf when it rains from the Corexit oil dispersant dumped in the water, and (4) most of the oil that came out of the Gulf was a natural phenomenon.

None of us have the time to research every subject under the sun, so how do you sift the propaganda and misinformation from the truth?.

Well, there is really a simple answer, based on the powerful principle that we are all spiritual beings temporarily occupying physical bodies. Very simply, it doesn't matter what you know, it matters how you feel. Obviously this idea is no good when you are at work writing a computer program, or trying to fix your washing machine. But it does work when you are trying to sort events in the public arena, or make an important life decision.

Does it make you feel better to think that the Gulf will not be polluted, and that people aren't dying? Then that is your truth. And frankly, it is a good truth, for the simple reason that with this truth, you help to create a positive reality. If every person on the planet believed that the Gulf was in good shape, it would be, for the simple reason that the vibrational templates of thought associated with the Gulf would dictate actions that would keep the Gulf in good condition. If you don't believe that there are vibrational templates of thought, then ask yourself how bodies form. Dr. Bruce Lipton, in Biology of Belief, says, "The first big-deal insight is that...computers and cells are programmable. And the second corollary insight is that the programmer lies outside the computer/cell."(p/. 61) Of course it does! DNA is itself programmable, otherwise the millions of different species on our planet could not exist, because each species needs a different biological structure. The science of epigenetics has shown that "'...information can be transmitted to descendants in ways other than through the base sequences of DNA'" (Lipton, quoting Jablonka and Lamb 1995, p. 42). Lipton says that the information comes from "the environment," and surely it does. It is not such a leap of the imagination to understand that the "environment" also contains templates of thought (precursor templates, according to Dr. Tom Bearden) that contain this programming information for biology, just as the programming for the computer resides in the head of the computer programmer. Only if you believe in the Man Is Meat Theory - the theory of biological determinism, itself a deluded and inverted philosophy--can you reject the idea that what is going on in the computer programmer's head is THOUGHT.

Because thought is invisible and not measurable, science rightly does not consider that it exists or has a function. However, as I have said in previous newsletters and on the Interview With Spirit show, only when you get beyond the five human senses can you begin to make sense of nature's complex and beautiful dynamics.

The human race creates templates of thought, which affect our actions and our behavior. These templates of thought, when agreed upon by billions of people, become attractors. In a previous newsletter I described how these attractors might work. If you don't believe that preponderance of agreement is a force, then you have never been in a situation where a group of people have one opinion and you have another. Ladies and gentlemen, thought has force, and that force can be felt!!!

Contained within the planetary envelope are grids of thought, containing templates for the programming of each species, and their behavioral programming as well. These biological imperatives are often called INSTINCT when referring to animals. The human species also has biological programming that programs our DNA, but because we are thinking creatures we also have BELIEF SYSTEMS. These belief systems determine what is important in our culture, and how we interact with each other. Belief systems are on top of instincts - and the more consciously aware a being is, the more beliefs he or she has!

Patterns of thought are called MEMES, which are also units of information. These memes form around attractors. The old paradigm of thought was based around the attracting memes of scarcity and unworthiness, which bred belief systems that created what we see on planet earth today: problem resolution through conflict and war, hierarchical political and economic organizations based on the idea of domination and control, and the idea of victimization. Poverty, injustice, psychosis, aberrative behavior; all of these behavioral phenomenon result from the basic attractor memes of scarcity and unworthiness.

The human race creates and maintains the fundamental attractors that create human behavioral patterns. Because the human race is an adolescent species that has not even attained the first basic prerequisite for a civilization - species-wide cooperation--we don't understand the WE create he conditions we see on planet earth. If there are evil masters who psychologically program humanity, we have created them and we maintain them. When we change our beliefs, we create a different vibrational pattern that will make human victimization impossible.

The species grid of humanity--the set of attractors and beliefs that in general program human behavior and emotional responses -- underlies and affects all other species grids. We see nature programs where animals eat and kill each other, and we think "this is natural, it's the way things ARE." No, it is not natural for species regulation to occur through predation and death. On earth it is, but look around people!!! Do you see sane societies or nutty ones on planet earth? Are people and animals valued in our human organizations, or are people looked on as merely as economic units? And animals merely as food to be butchered.

Our species is, collectively, nuts; and the ONLY reason for that is because we have nutty belief systems.

On other planets (my guidance tells me) species regulation is accomplished through a rational process of regulation of the precursor templates of thought. I have talked about this on the Interview With Spirit radio program. This can only occur when a species becomes sane and understands that individual physical personalities are a reflection of a spiritual personality. Really, it's quite simple! And so species regulation does not have to be accomplished through the birth of millions so that a few may survive a harsh environment, and other predators. That primitive and barbaric idea stems from a lack of understanding of COOPERATION. Does it seems crazy to say that a species can cooperate with each other instead of killing each other, and trying to "get an edge"? I'm sure a little killing is quite exciting, but the mass murder of species that occurs on planet earth is simply insane.

All right, I've gotten off the subject a little but I wanted to introduce the idea that precursor templates of thought contain the programming for biology, and also for animal instinct, and human activity and relationships. These templates of thought are invisible to the human senses and to instrumentation, but they are required to program biology. They exist on a subtle level that the human race is slowly waking up to.

If you operate on the idea that what makes you feel good is more important than what you know, then you create thought templates that are motivated by well-being. And that not only benefits you, it benefits everyone else as well. And it benefits the planet, and other species on the planet. Because we are NOT separate, we are all interconnected.

Only a materialist, or other deluded dupe, believes in the idea of separation. Separation consciousness is what has caused the compartmentalization of our societies, has placed devices and profit over human beings, and life, and has continued to keep the human race at an adolescent level of consciousness.

Believing in what makes you feel good is the best way to sort out information from disinformation. Disinformation is deliberate obfuscation of the truth. Disinformation contains extra data that is itself unstable, and which lacks integrity (see my blog post, "Is Honesty Really the Best Policy?" on the website). And that is the thing that makes you "twig" on disinformation. It just doesn't feel right, but you can't quite pin it down. This feeling may also be accompanied by a feeling of un-ease, or a feeling that there is something wrong with the data.

Most people believe that what is true is what is real, but what is real is just CREATED truth. We create the templates of thought that then drive our behavior, which the create the "facts" and the reality that we observe around us.

Disinformation must of necessity have a hidden component, and it must lack integrity and wholeness. That's because the truth IS wholeness without hidden meaning or intent. And you can always pick up on that hidden intent. You feel that there's something wrong, even if you cannot factually identify what is wrong. But that, of course, is precisely the intent of disinformation - to confuse you and make you feel less. That is why choosing the alternative that makes you feel good is always the right choice, because it is vastly more likely to represent wholeness and integrity.

Believe in what makes you feel good, and don't worry about the pronouncements of science, which is itself mired in materialism, or the memes that are circulated by the mass media, or on the internet. If you live your life by believing in the things that make you feel good, you will end up with a life where you are doing the things that make you feel good. And that is the best way to live my friends.

Kenneth J. M. MacLean is freelance writer and researcher who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Since childhood, Ken has been thinking about the Big Picture and how to increase spiritual understanding in the world. The Complete Library is a collection of 11 e-Books. Containing a blend of science, mathematics, common sense, and metaphysics, it makes sense of a world that often seems to be going crazy. This collection is the clearest and most comprehensive overview of the spirit/ mind/ body framework.

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