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The Facts Behind Law Of Attraction

By Sean McView

Why do every individual on this planet think that the goal they have set in their life is always just out of reach? It is because they do not understand the Law of Attraction. This universal law is based on the premise that the universe is a mass of energy and we are all a part of it, a view also shared by the subject quantum physics.

We are not separate from the universe; we are all as one with the universe. It is through our thoughts that we take this energy and manifest it into reality. This law gives you everything you can imagine, big or small. It does not matter what you want. Focus your thoughts on what you want and you will get it, every time.

Thus, it works just as well against you. If all you have is a mindful of negative thoughts, thoughts about poverty or debt, feelings of anger, revenge or despair, then these are what will get attracted from the universe and manifest more in your life.

It works the same with the law of attraction whether you are using negative or positive thought patterns. When you focus on the things you do not want, you will only get more of them. This can include cycles of bad relationships, debt, and poverty and so on.

Hence, the sensible way to go would be to only have positive thoughts in your mind. That is, think about what you want, not what you don’t have. If you want money or say a new home, don’t think about how much less money you have for it. Think about the home per se. Visualize that you owe it already and then let the feeling and emotions flow.

Focus your thoughts on how wonderful you will feel living in your new home and decorating it. Don’t spend your thoughts worrying about where the money will come from or feeling bad you don’t already have it. Don’t focus on your struggle with money, just think about the good feelings a new home will bring.

Right now, feel your desires being your reality. Think the thoughts and feel the emotions of living in your new home. The energy you send out with these thoughts and feelings will attract the house to you. Always be open about the way the house comes into your life. Do not put any limitations on how you get it.

The usual mistake that people do is to go for this law with a feeling of need. That is, they need money to pay bills, hence they go for it. But one must understand that in that case, it is the emotion of need that becomes paramount here.

Hence, the way to go would be to think that your bills are already paid. Instead of thinking about the lack of it, visualize yourself as a relaxed and debt free individual who have already paid all his dues.

Another problem is that the people wrongly feel that they themselves have to work out how to achieve everything.

They don’t understand that the only thing they should figure out is their object of desire. Thereafter, they should intensely focus all thoughts and energies on the same. The universe will take care of the rest.

It is not that you should not take action; you can take the action when you are inspired. When you use this law, then it will bring you various nudges and the ideas that you can get.

If we are talking about manifesting money, then the universe will inspire you towards an opportunity of making money. What you have to do is to identify and act on these little nudges from the universe. Don’t go for each and every opportunity of making money that you see but the only one that you feel is right from the core of your heart since that is the one which the universe has sent for you.

While working towards the law of attraction, it is a good idea to be grateful for what you already possess in life. These may be your health, family, children, etc.

Reflect upon the fact that these good things came to you as a result of your previous thoughts and the Law of Attraction.

The things that you are experiencing right are that you have done the residual effect of what you have thought on earlierIf you are not happy with your life, then you should make some positive thoughts.

By doing this, you are leading the universe in sending you those things which you want. Simply put, you would be writing your own destiny.

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