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Council of N: "Lava and you"

Channeled by Natalie Kimbrough

Dear ones,.

Let's take a look today at Mother Earth and some of her stuff. You know at her core Mother Earth is hot... smoldering hot... too hot maybe at her core for many of you to get too close... yet, the more we observe her and look at her upwards characteristics the colder, more embracing - maybe tolerant she gets... varied surfaces but inhabitable in most instances.. Even those places many don't consider that.

That said, at her core Mother Earth is hot..passionate...committed to her mission... yet, while dealing with humans, natural vegetation, and other species in and on her various layers she becomes seemingly less hot... easier to deal with in some instances, easier to approach.

Of course, you'll say "what?" and scream because you'll look at all the variety of places... you'll come up with all the different areas where Nature seems to make life impossible or is destructive and blame it on Mother Earth... than you'll want to "heal" her ... well, first: Nature Is not Mother Earth; second, don't try and heal Mother Earth she knows what she's doing and why.. she's on her mission with the highest degree of integrity you can imagine; stop questioning her!

When we say "highest degree of integrity" and words such as "passion" do you really understand? Where are you on that path? Well? Well? Well?.

Do you even know your path? Your higher path? The one in which you commit to and fulfill your mission? You do? Congratulations!

Are you following your path? Are you? Congratulations!

How? In integrity? With passion? Or in the backroom, hidden away?.

Either way... if you truly know your mission you are like lava... a ticking crater, a ticking caldera just waiting to release... with steam being released all the time... yet, there'll be that time where the pressure has built up too much and you will erupt! You cannot deny your mission, your mission... yet you try.

You try and it's interesting to see... just like lava... there are those moments, tiny instances where you erupt... just a little bit but... within seconds you slow down, go back in hiding... like lava immediately turning black or silver so no one can see her bright red, passionate, hot side...

Yet, at some point.... All that disguise no longer works... the tunnels of passion and heat, the tunnels of love and commitment, the tunnels of knowing better than to lie.... They've been alone all this time and you'll erupt.... A major eruption... then you'll cool down... yet, those moments of eruption... those are those instances where you release, fight off, let go of all the social pressures, the "should"s" and the "why me's" and you just go with it... those are the moments where you are in integrity, showing your true color, not hiding the beautify and power that you are ...

When is the last time you erupted?
How did it feel?
Did you apologize after because you broke some social rules?
Is that your integrity?
Do you take or give in these scenarios?
Give integrity or lies?
Accept who you are or hide?
If you're hiding... well... your time will come, too.

These are the days where you're wondering what is happening... these are the days where you cannot explain that fluttering in your stomach area... these are the days where the Universe and Mother Earth have come together to help you take your spot, your place and move forward instead of hiding.

This is your time to decide... are you the one in integrity or are you the one in hiding? Are you the active volcano that doesn't erupt to often because you know your power, path, and mission or are you the lava and the tunnels underneath trying not to be seen?.

Find out and know how true you really are... then look around... how true are those around you?.

Mother Earth shows you everything, shares everything... and demonstrates to you with plenty of examples the things you all do - just watch. Listen, see and learn .... The rest is your choice.

Peace, Council of N.

Copyright, Healing ISIS

Natalie Kimbrough is an intuitive medium, medical intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, Akashic Records Reader, and spiritual counselor and teacher. She is dedicated to helping others on their life journeys with love and compassion. Always having felt a deep connection with the spiritual or metaphysical realms she is stepping forward in her own right, while being dedicated to her daily spiritual practices for an even deeper understanding the interconnectedness of all things. Natalie is available for talks, discussions, and spiritual & healing services upon request and she has a meditation CD available on her web site:

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