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Part 13. Gathering the support of others (even though you don't HAVE TO by now!)

By Pam Garcy

By now you have learned that you don't "need" the support of others in order to walk upon your own path. In fact, there are often times when you will encounter resistance as you move forward in your own direction. Sometimes your growth is threatening to others. You've learned that you can continue to walk on despite this. You've learned that there is a vast supply of strength within you, and that accessing your inner guidance is often all the support you may require.

That being said, you can also use your inner guidance to help you to find support. Though it is not always necessary to have the support of others, it is definitely easier to move forward . Do you have a friend, a group or a family member who understands you and encourages you? This feeling of support and belonging can help support your choices.

Using Inner Guidance to gather support.
Here are some questions that you can use as you turn inward:
Who can I go to for support at this time?
Who loves me? Who cares about me?
Who encourages me to make my own choices?
Who has access to resources that I don't have?

Remember to record your answers so that you can revisit them later.

Turning Outward for Support.
How can you gain this support? Part of the answer to this question depends upon what you are doing. The easiest place to find support for your efforts is with like-minded individuals. Think about what you are doing and who else is doing it. Go toward those individuals.

Sometimes, however, your search may involve a little more effort. You may find that it is best to seek support from new people. If this is so, it is good to take your time and get to know peopleBegin conversations and ask others how they feel about issues that interest you. During these conversations, you might decide to gage whether the person is operating from a place of judgment or a place of understanding others. Those who are supportive and attempt to understand others are also more likely to be good sources of support for you.

During these conversations, you might also wish to see whether the person is taking steps to be true to his or her values. In addition, what are the values that this person seems to hold, and do they match your desire.

Mastermind Groups.
Starting your own mastermind group or joining an existing mastermind group can be an important step to take. A mastermind group is a group of 2 or more individuals (works well when there are more than 2) who commit to meeting weekly for an hour or more to discuss mutual goals. There is a lot of information on google that can help you to develop your mastermind group. Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, was one of the originators of this idea. He suggested that when 2 or more individuals gathered for the purpose of helping each other to reach a goal, there was an energy that was created that allowed these individuals to think of ideas that they would not have considered if they were on their own. I have personally found masterminding to be an outstanding source of support as I've set and reached goals.

As you create your group, remember to turn inward for guidance. Remember to be true to yourself in the process of gaining support as well!

REMEMBER: This is a process. Keep going to see ongoing results!

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