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Zen Games — Imagination: a new way to free your mind!

By Louis Daintree

Zen Games is an innovative new way to bring your mind to higher states of consciousness. It is no secret that perceiving a world without the filters we put up by living in everyday reality can stop us from experiencing the great beauty of true nature. But as ancient practices that once allowed us to see deep into the reaches of our own mind and far out into the void of the Universe are forgotten it is becoming difficult to find our true purpose. I have used my knowledge as a designer to bring you an entirely new way to free your mind and open yourself up to a new level of conscious awareness.

I have spent many years researching and practicing different techniques to open my mind and break down the filters that stop us from perceiving the Universe as it really is. But I noticed an inaccessibility to many people mainly due to the context we all live in today because of our modern society. I was really only able to practice many of these techniques through sacrificing a lot of modern luxuries and having the luck of being brought up in an ideal environment. Although for the majority, there is no such luck. Although you still have a deep-seated need to reveal to your consciousness this True Reality.

With my years of study and education in fields of design I have applied this system of semantic processing to develop games that utilise these techniques in a much more universally accessible way.

The key with many of these ancient techniques is that they are, for the most part, essentially identical. They use similar metaphors, faucets and functions of the mind and the body, and reveal insight to a very common ideal. Almost every religion attempts to bring the practitioner to a similar state, whether it is one of the Abrahamic religions or even the Eastern beliefs of Buddhism of Hinduism. The main issue for many people is the irrelevant context these belief systems are now part of. To understand the references and metaphors someone was making thousands of years ago when they first conceived of them whilst living off a diet of raw meat and inhabiting caves is a heavy task for someone who spends fifty percent of their day in an office and a car and has access to the Internet.

So even though these beliefs have been lost in translation, the essence of them is not dead. We can still practice and relive the experiences these wise elders recorded in various ways for the blind wanderers of today. This is why I spent the last couple of years researching and developing a new context, and a new way, to decipher the enigma of the mind.

The games really only require one thing to play. You. They involve very little printing (if any) as they are all paper based and are free to download in PDF format from the website. You should ensure you are free from distractions while playing the game, and you are in a fairly calm setting to allow for maximum focus, and better results. I ensure that you have an entirely new understanding to how your mind works once you give these games a try.

One of the games is for a minimum of two players and can be easily played by people of all ages, I recommend playing it with children too! The other game requires only a little reading, but again I assure you that it is very entertaining and there is zero chance you and your friends wont enjoy attempting it. You can download and distribute the game as many times as you like and if you would like to know more and keep in touch with the website and the developments, you can join the Facebook page through the link on the site.

If you do like the games though, I ask you join the Facebook page, and tell your friends about it too, because we want to see the world change, raise its consciousness and so we can eventually become enlightened together! I also have a donate link on the Games page. I really only want to point this out because half of all donations will be sent to supporting families affected by Autism and funding Autism research. If you don't know what Autism is, there is a lot of information on the web, which you can find through a Google search.

Everyone deserves the free access to the best possible means to enlightenment, free your mind and open yourself to a higher level of consciousness. This is progress to our True Nature and our true purpose in the Universe.

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