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How To Meditate Yourself To Bliss In 6 Easy Steps

By Kip Mazuy

As you may already know, meditation has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to experience inner peace and happiness and dramatically improve every aspect of your life. So it can truly be a life changing event to learn how to meditate.

But let's face it, there is such an overload of bad info out there about meditation that it is difficult to pull fact from fiction.

So I am going to teach you how to meditate in 6 easy steps, skipping all of the beliefs and dogmas often needlessly associated with meditation.

I will start with the very basics on how to meditate and then cover the real golden secrets on how to meditate like a Zen Master!

At the end of this article you will not only know how to meditate, but you will have all of the guidance you need to experience incredible peace and bliss that is as good for you as it is pleasurable.

Let's begin:

Step 1:
If you want to learn how to meditate, first you should learn how to sit.

You can sit on the ground if you like, but it is just as effective and perhaps more comfortable to sit in a chair, feet flat on the ground. What is important is that you keep your back as straight as possible, preferably without back support.

This is easiest if you sit on the front edge of your seat, using a pillow at the base of your vertebrae to help keep your back straight.

If you are slouching or leaning back in a chair, it is more likely you will fall asleep! And if you are slouching, it might cause back problems over time. So make sure your back is straightIdeally, you would be sitting on your tail bone, shoulders would be in line with your hips and your back slightly arched.

Step 2.
Close your eyes. You can meditate with your eyes open by focusing on a candle flame or picture. But it is easiest to learn how to meditate with your eyes closed.

If your eyes are open, it is much easier to become distracted by your surroundings, and thus distracted by your thinking. In meditation, you are looking inwards, not outwards. Closing your eyes makes this easier.

Step 3.
Here is a great step that will really help you learn how to meditate deeply: For the amount of time you are meditating, let go of the past and future.

Think about it: You are constantly lost in your thinking about what happened in the past and anticipating what will happen in the future. You are thinking about work tomorrow and what you have to get done, what someone said to you yesterday, what you had for lunch. Thinking about the past and future goes on and on forever.

So if you have the intent that for this time in meditation, you are going to let go of the past and future and focus only on the present moment, learning how to meditate is going to be a heck of a lot easier!

Even when the thoughts arise about what you have to do tomorrow, you will consciously note: "wait, I said I would give up the past and future for my time in meditation" then you will be willing to let go of that thought and come back to the present moment.

Seems like a silly little thing to do, but this will make your meditation much more effective.

Step 4.
Watch your breathing. When you are learning how to meditate, there probably is no easier and effective technique then to watch your breathing.

Either notice the sound of your breath or notice the feeling of your breath moving in and out of your nose. The great thing about breathing is that it is happening now. So if you are aware of your breathing, you are present. And being present is what meditation is all about.

This step alone forgetting everything else can lead you to very deep meditations.

Step 5.
If you want to learn how to meditate, this step is extremely important. It is usually the step that no one ever really teaches you. And then when you practice meditating, it feels forced, stressful and void of any peace and bliss. Missing this step is why so many people simply give up meditating.

So please take note of this step: To really learn how to meditate correctly, you must allow yourself to be as you are.

Allow your experience to be exactly as it is in this moment. Allow the thoughts to come and go. Allow whatever emotions are there to be. And allow yourself to feel whatever sensations you are feeling in this moment.

Most people try to control their thoughts, control their feelings, and control their experience. They judge it, define it, describe it and then try and change it. All of this only leads to stress.

It is this false notion "I should be different than I amThings should be different than they are." That causes all of the stress in the first place.

So the moment you allow yourself to be as you are and you allow your experience to be as it is, stress disappears and automatically there is peace. Watching your breath will help you stay present with whatever you are experiencing, and then all you have to do is allow yourself to experience whatever is there.

Learning how to meditate means learning how to accept yourself as you are. Because when you allow yourself to be as you are, you can be aware of how you are. And it is this awareness that does everything, it heals everything, it brings the peace and bliss. Awareness is the power.

Step 6.
Always bring yourself back to watching your breathing.

When you are learning how to meditate, you will get caught up in your thoughts. You will forget about watching your breathing and end up getting caught up in your thoughts.

This is inevitable. But what separates those that really learn how to meditate successfully and reap incredible benefits from those that don't get anywhere is that the successful ones notice "wow, I'm caught up in my thinking and am not present at all."

Simply by seeing this and admitting this brings great awareness in itself. Then you can come back to watching your breathing and enjoy the peace of being present once again.

It is this step of always coming back to the present moment that will deepen your meditation very quickly.

Kip Mazuy is the founder of Bliss Music - Creator of Ocean Euphoric, an audio program repeatedly proven to put the listener into a deep states of peace, bliss for meditation & relaxation.

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