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Peter Russell
Who Is Peter Russell?

Peter Russell, MA, DCS, is the author of ten books and producer of two awardwinning videos. His work integrates Eastern and Western understandings of the mind, exploring their relevance to the world today and to humanity’s future. He was one of the first people to introduce human potential seminars into the corporate field, and for twenty years worked with major corporations on creativity, learning methods, stress management, and personal development. His books include Waking Up in Time and most recently From Science to God.

Significant books in Peter’s life:
Impersonal Life, anonymous
E.T. 101, Diana Luppi, Zoev Jho, Brandt Morgan, and James Finnell
Lost in the Cosmos, Walker Percy
The Atman Project, Ken Wilber
A Course in Miracles, Foundation for Inner Peace

Insight of Peter Russell
Throughout human history, some people have awoken to the true nature of consciousness. We call them the “enlightened ones”—the mystics, seers, saints, rishis, roshis, lamas—the wise ones who have liberated themselves from petty human foibles. In the past, such people were few and far between. Today, countless people across the planet are actively treading this path, learning from each other and those who have gone before—rediscovering for themselves the timeless wisdom that will allow us to navigate our way safely through these troubled times. They are our greatest hope.

Waking Up In Time
Finding Inner Peace In Times of Accelerating Change.

by Peter Russell

In this new release of an award-winning bestseller, visionary scientist Peter Russell updates his classic manifesto for awakening to the mounting planetary crisis even while deepening our connection to inner tranquility. Russell powerfully demonstrates the need for a spiritual renaissance in the face of the dangers of ever-accelerating change. Amid fears of ecological catastrophe and political chaos, this book stands out for its message of sanity and hope. This tenth anniversary new edition features a new foreword by Ervin Laszlo, author of Macroshift, and new introduction by Peter Russell. Russell is the widely acclaimed author of the bestseller The Global Brain and other pioneering works. He earned degrees in theoretical physics and psychology at the Cambridge University in England, where he studied for a time under Stephen Hawking. His subsequent journey to India led to a lifetime exploration of meditation, Eastern philosophy, and the nature of consciousness.

"A celebration of emerging humanity, sung from the heart of a principal spokesman of the emerging science."-Gary Zukav, author, The Dancing Wu Li Masters and The Seat of the Soul

"A wonderful book, masterfully balancing ecological doom with spiritual renaissance." -- Ken Wilber, author, A Brief History of Everything

Readers Reviews

A rare masterpiece
This book is one of those rare books that stays with me long after I've read it. I find myself frequently referring to it in conversations about how fast things seem to be changing these days. I was moved by the wisdom I gleaned in these melodic passages -- and impressed at how Russell can convey such intense feeling and truth in so few words. Difficult and challenging issues are presented and discussed with clarity that provides just the right amount of tension, just as the most beautiful music creates moments of stress which are then relieved with passages of exceptional grace. Rare is the book that can aim to briefly summarize such topics as Materialism, Fear, Stress, Enlightenment, Meditation and Love... and succeed to touch one's heart, mind and soul so completely without ever hitting a sour note. I give this masterpiece of a book my highest recommendation for anyone interested in discovering what they can do to make their life (and life for all of us) the very best it can be.

An easy read on a complex subject, thoughtfully delivered.
Straight off: This is a great book! Mr. Russell writes intelligently and intelligably about where we've been, where we're probably headed and gives us some optimistic views on where some of the choices might lead us, if "we" are thoughtful about "our" choices.

This book presents some incredibly complex themes, and even delivers physics, understandably! The hallmark of any great writer, in my view, is to make himself or herself understood to the vast majority of people. Mr. Russell has accomplished that quite admirably. This is the best book on futuristic thinking I've ever read. Reading this book felt like having a conversation with this writer. A pure pleasure! And, a must read for any thoughtful person.

I love this book so much that I have already bought 3 and still planning to buy more to give out to my friends. This book combines science and spirituality so beautifully. What he describes in this book make logical sense. I have never been a believer of "God" in a form of superior being. And I have never been comfortable with organized religion. This book really confirmed and went further into the world of "consciousness." HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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