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Sense of Humor

By Rashmi Khilnani

Your sense of humor can dissolve the greatest tumor (of sadness, pain, frustration). If you want to connect quickly to the energy of laughter and the cosmic joke Goddess of joy and exuberance of Ancient Egypt—no matter how dreadful or dramatic the dramas on the screen of your life may be—you can always choose to take a deep breathe and somehow find the funny side to the story line. Your sense of play and humor are one of the most valuable gifts on the path to higher consciousness and the alchemical transmutation and integration from the undesired pole of a polarity to the positive or desired aspect of the polarity. Laughter, for example, can take you smoothly out of sadness into lightness; out of anger into peace and possibly forgiveness. It is quite useful to write down a list of all that you fear in a given period of time or dislike, dread, hate, etc., and then practice laughter meditation regularly by choosing to laugh at the worst of your negative imaginings.

All enlightened gurus teach through laughter and of the importance of laughter to facilitate your accelerated lightening up. Your children are your great teachers on this subject and can take you into playing field states of joy and mirth at the drop of a hat. P.S. Don’t forget to take your cat. Your animals have been gifted to you and can facilitate your lightening up as well. Once you tap into deep belly laughing, endorphins are naturally released in the system bringing about powerful healing and a change of frequency. Lord Krishna, Pan, and the Mayan Chuen energy are all wondrous examples from other streams of esoteric understanding that exemplify the power of humor.

Ultimately your reality is divine, cosmic play in the sacred Sanskrit texts known as Leela. Remember to connect your sense of humor to be heartfelt so that it will not be used as a weapon to hurt yourself or others in the name of innocent joking. As with all the qualities, it is important to use wisdom and awareness in the use and practice of the energy of humor. Remembering cultural differences and respecting the boundaries of others become relevant in the effective reaping of this magnificent quality.

Excerpt from her book, The Divine Mother Speaks
Published by Rainbow Ridge Books

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Reiki Energy Master Rashmi Khilnani works with most of the major Reiki energy systems currently taught around the world. She also works with Reiki Psychic Surgery, Meditation, Advanced Sound-Wave Energy Therapy and the Breath. Rashmi teaches Egyptian Reiki and is a Sekhem, Cartouche, Seichim, Sechem Master. (These different Reiki energy systems are all aspects of ancient egyptian healing within the Egyptian Mystery schools).

Since leaving Egypt at the age of 6, she is deeply connected to and channels the work of Hator, the Goddess of Unconditional Love, Creativity and Harmony. Rashmi channels this energy uniquely in her Hathor workshops for powerful emotional body clearing and the shifting of her students from limited to expansive heartfelt states of being.

Having assimilated different schools of spirituality and energy systems Rashmi teaches unity consciousness within the diverse spiritual paths.

Rashmi empowers individuals to be healers, meditators and teachers in their own right using the healing modalities of sound, light, vibration and breath. Rashmi has been teaching for the last ten years in London and all over the world. She is specially delighted to teach Reiki Masters beyond Usui Reiki i.e. Sekhem, Karuna, Reiki Energy Mastery and Sound Mastery to deepen their path in the understanding of Unconditional Love, Unity within Duality, Forgiveness and Peace.

Rashmi's vision is to assist her fellow travellers on their path to enlightenment. She is a channel for the ascended Master Babaji and the Goddess Hator and she works closely with the Archangels and other spiritual beings such as Kwan Yin who are working to bring peace and harmony to Mother Earth and her people. Accelerated transformation and healing using humor and bringing in the energy of creativity and abundance (of time, energy, money and most of all the abundance and flow of love and celebration).

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