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Part 11. Affirmations: 

What are they, how to create them, using your inner guidance and writing your own

By Pam Garcy

Affirmations are present-tense statements which you say to yourself to program yourself toward an outcome. Usually, affirmations refer to positive statements. When you use a negative statement to program yourself toward an outcome, you usually wouldn't call it an affirmation. Negative statements usually fall under the category of worry or self-punishment.

Affirmations, when done correctly, can become a powerful tool, that I usually combine visualization. Together, these techniques can often propel you toward your desired goals more quickly.


There are many methods for creating affirmations. My favorite was taught to me by the warm and loving mentor of mentors, Jack Canfield, at his Breakthrough to Success workshop in the summer of 2007. You can use another method, if you'd like. But, this is one which has worked (and continues to work) for me.

First, you create a vivid statement about yourself, in feeling and in action, achieving a desired specific outcome. You write this on an index card, because you will be reviewing it daily. Then, you read this statement aloud as you visualize yourself living what the statement says. Finally, you seal this in emotionally by feeling the feelings that you would feel if you'd already reached your goals.

If you are really serious, you can add "icing" to the cake by screaming it out loud with the greatest level of passion you can muster. The emotional energy that accompanies this series of actions often helps us to retain and live into our affirmations.

Here's an example of an affirmation:

I am eagerly typing my newsletter with clarity, ease, honesty and sincerity.

Here's the formula that I like to use when I compose my affirmations--you can use it to compose your own:

I am ______________________  (feeling word goes here) ______________________(verb goes here) with/of_________________(detail here)!
More of my personal examples:

I am enjoying seeing my book rise to the top of the Barnes and Noble best-seller list!

I am exuberant as I notice 1,000 or more new subscribers to Insourcing this month!

Notice how I've included a feeling word & an action after the phrase "I am". This will help your mind to visualize yourself in action (stimulating cortex and motor areas in the brain) and to connect the image to the emotional brain (lymbic areas of the brain). Some believe that you are also activating the other-than-conscious, perhaps even the spiritual aspect of yourself by using this format.


You can use your inner guidance to help you to identify that which you desire; these desires will become the topic of your affirmations.

Simply relax, close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths. When you are feeling centered, ask yourself, "What is it that I desire for myself right now?" Write down all of the ideas that come into your mind. Return to these a bit later and use them to help you to follow the steps listed above.

Like a cycle, your affirmations will then activate your inner guidance further. You will begin to get inspired thoughts. As you honor your inspired thoughts through action, you will move quickly toward your goals.


By the way, in case you've forgotten, I'm going to remind you of something: You are precious. You have a right to be here and you have a right to honor your highest self. You may feel uncomfortable--it is okay to feel how you feel--often these are conditioned responses that you have learned. You have repeated a way of thinking that leads you to feel how you feel. The more you repeat it, the more you feel how you feel.

Some of you have learned to ignore your personal truth, so when you get too close to it, discomfort arises. Remember, though, that you are reading this e-zine because you don't want to ignore your truth anymore! You want to honor your higher self and this is wonderful, beautiful, mystical, transcendent and delicious of you!

One way to honor yourself is to keep a notebook or file in your computer for recording your ideas, wishes, desires, and wants as the arise. This will give you the added benefit of being able to come back to your later and to select the topics of your affirmations from those that seem most important. Moreover, you can return to this file years later to see how far you've come!


Now that you know how to use your inner guidance to select your topic & how to compose affirmations using your inner guidance along the way, I would encourage you to get started in creating your own. Once you've created these, you can transfer each to index cards (one per card). Alternatively, you can use a small pad of paper and write down one affirmation on each sheet.

Compose some of your own affirmations below for later transfer onto index cards:






How many should you have? As many as you want!

Now, read each one aloud as you visualize it already happening! As my friend life-coach Crystal Star says, "Declare it and Claim it!" Declare it loudly, by screaming it out and seeing it in your mind's eye! I don't know about you, but for me, this jump starts my inner guidance because I am inviting its wisdom loudly!

If you want to optimize this process, pick a time (often when you wake up or before you go to sleep) to read through your cards. As you read each card, visualize the outcome as though you've already received your desired outcome. Pretend in your mind that it is yours & feel the feelings. This will go more quickly as you repeat it & you don't have to yell anymore!


Like I said above, you may find that affirmations ignite your inspiration! This is so cool to me--I hope it happens for you too.

Here's what it feels like: Using affirmations is like repetitively programming the brain toward your goal. It is as though you are igniting the part of your brain that works on helping you to reach your desired outcome. Then, simple ideas (with hidden brilliance) begin to come to you easily--or you simply become more aware of ideas that have been there all along. When you follow through by taking action on these inspired thoughts, your ability to tap into your inner guidance will become stronger. You may find it easier to tap into this infinite source of guidance and you may use it to help you various steps along the way. The more that you honor your inspired thoughts, the more easy this process becomes. Some folks also record these in their idea file.

In the best cases, you may even feel yourself strongly connecting to a source of ideas and accessing it more easily!

REMEMBER: This is a process. Keep going to see ongoing results!

Next issue: Part 12 .

Pam Garcy, PhD is a Psychologist and Coach in Dallas, Texas. If you'd like a partner in reaching your goals and overcoming the obstacles that seem to stand in your way, please contact Dr. Pam for coaching at Dr. Garcy offers a special 10% coaching discount to all valued subscribers of Cultivate Life and to customers of Dr. Pam's best-selling books - including the bestsellers The Power of Inner Guidance: Seven Steps to Tune In and Turn On and Wake Up Moments of Inspiration

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