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By Rashmi Khilnani

Silence and time alone are great qualities to assist you into a manifest space of peace and serenity. It is very difficult for you to do this until you switch off your mobile phones, computers, TVs, and so on. It is a good idea to get out of the habit of always using your car and to learn to walk or cycle instead. I observe that many of you are choosing to jump out of airplanes or jump into cars or onto roller coasters—anything to get away from spending intimate time with yourselves. Nothing wrong with these vehicles of movement, they are fine. However spending time with oneself without these distractions is important. Using wisdom and intuition to decide when to create pollution (i.e., through the use of these vehicles) and when to refrain will bring you into greater sensitivity and Grace.

Unless you learn to be okay with being by yourself and simply being, you can never learn to love others, because you don’t even know in this case who you are and how you feel. Things are speeding up and will continue to speed up at a faster pace, and therefore the key to balance is finding quality time on a regular basis to slow down and be still. The heart begins to open more readily in peaceful, silent, still spaces. Once you become good at instilling the state of beingness, you will be able to invoke it even in loud and chaotic scenarios. During the time spent in silence and stillness you connect strongly to the realm of the unmanifest Divine Source within yourself. As Jesus the great teacher of the heart says, “Be still and know.”

Once you learn to make a strong connection and build an intimate relationship with the silent unmanifest realm, you can begin to manifest consciously. You can become the consciously co-creating God/Goddess that you are. You begin to remember and your ancient eyes of inner knowingness begin to open. Your Heart feels safe and centered. You open your heart in wise and protected spaces informed by intuition and your sense of knowingness.

Excerpt from her book, The Divine Mother Speaks
Published by Rainbow Ridge Books

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Reiki Energy Master Rashmi Khilnani works with most of the major Reiki energy systems currently taught around the world. She also works with Reiki Psychic Surgery, Meditation, Advanced Sound-Wave Energy Therapy and the Breath. Rashmi teaches Egyptian Reiki and is a Sekhem, Cartouche, Seichim, Sechem Master. (These different Reiki energy systems are all aspects of ancient egyptian healing within the Egyptian Mystery schools).

Since leaving Egypt at the age of 6, she is deeply connected to and channels the work of Hator, the Goddess of Unconditional Love, Creativity and Harmony. Rashmi channels this energy uniquely in her Hathor workshops for powerful emotional body clearing and the shifting of her students from limited to expansive heartfelt states of being.

Having assimilated different schools of spirituality and energy systems Rashmi teaches unity consciousness within the diverse spiritual paths.

Rashmi empowers individuals to be healers, meditators and teachers in their own right using the healing modalities of sound, light, vibration and breath. Rashmi has been teaching for the last ten years in London and all over the world. She is specially delighted to teach Reiki Masters beyond Usui Reiki i.e. Sekhem, Karuna, Reiki Energy Mastery and Sound Mastery to deepen their path in the understanding of Unconditional Love, Unity within Duality, Forgiveness and Peace.

Rashmi's vision is to assist her fellow travellers on their path to enlightenment. She is a channel for the ascended Master Babaji and the Goddess Hator and she works closely with the Archangels and other spiritual beings such as Kwan Yin who are working to bring peace and harmony to Mother Earth and her people. Accelerated transformation and healing using humor and bringing in the energy of creativity and abundance (of time, energy, money and most of all the abundance and flow of love and celebration).

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