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Do You Know the Natural Remedies for Depression?

By Nick Mutt

In this condition a person due to something complex experiences sad feelings and also downturn in their mood. It is a mental state which is characterized by inadequate negative sense and also lack of activity. It is a mental disorder which is associated with reduced pleasure or interest in almost all the activities. Most of the common behaviors which are the result of depression are despair, low self esteem, sadness, low self approach and also discouragement. It is said that depression is like a tree which has various roots. Regarding mental health problems, depression is the most common of all the problems. It is related with our mood and feeling. A person suffering from depression experiences very poor concentration and lack of interest in doing all the activities.

It is very necessary that a person suffering from depression must avoid spicy, oily and hot foods and also the pulses like Bengal gram. The diet of the patient should be full of fruits, green vegetables, grams, wheat flour, fresh juice, brown rice and all foods which are rich in vitamin B. During the phase of depression restrict the intake of milk products and meats. Always take light foods which are easy to digest.

Increase the intake of vitamin C as it is an anti depressant. We can get vitamin C from lemons, amla, oranges, etc. Patient should avoid the intake of chocolates, caffeine, beverages and also the junk and fried foods.

For the patient suffering from depression yoga and exercises are very important and effective treatment. It makes our body and mind healthy. It makes the people healthy from inside and also mentally strong. By doing regular exercises people suffering from depression feels happiness and mentally relax.

Some of the natural treatments of the depression are -.

1. Turmeric is very effective in the treatment of depression. It has curative property. It is very effective for the depression patients who are affected by seasonal disorder.

2. To get relief from stress and depression cardamom is also very effective. The pleasant odor of the cardamom gives the nerves a soothing effect. We can use the cardamom by preparing a tea of it.

3. An effective herb which reduces the stress and depression is Ashwagandha. It has the requisite property which removes the negative thoughts from the mind.

4. Brahmi is also an effective herb which is very helpful in the treatment of depression. It relaxes the mind and also brings the mind in a comfortable state. Its oil also gives soothing and cooling effect on the mind.

In depression a person experiences sad feelings and also downturn in their mood. The common behaviors that results from depression are despair, low self esteem, sadness, low self approach and also discouragement.

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