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Going Within (Part Four)

By Carolyn Evers

Some Thoughts about Jeshua's Nature
I believe that observation is our teacher for factual information, along with emotional growth and development. If you pass a field of flowers and you are caught up in other thoughts, the flowers might not come into your awareness. However if you become aware of them, you might notice colors of yellow in varying shapes, some of them you haven't noticed before.

Had you focused on the colors and shapes of the flowers, you might become aware of how the wind dances between them, causing them to nod playfully with one another. You might think of the time of the year when they bloom or how long they live after they bloom, or even if they are early or late in making their appearance this year.

Becoming aware of the flowers, you might even consider the joy that they bring to different people that you know. You might even think of the holidays where flowers are given to express love for one another. Or if you become aware of the flowers and concentrate on them with trust and joy, you might even be able to communicate with them.

You might be able to speak to them and hear them speak to you, telling you of their life and experience. For those of you who have learned how to use the right side of the brain to become aware of other forms of consciousness, this is not as far-fetched as it might seem.

I say these things because if you do not become aware of who Jeshua was in his fullness of expression, and concentrate simply upon the details that were given to you through your church and accepted perceptions, your knowledge of him will stay static.

New information coming from archaeological sites
There has been new information coming forth from archaeological sites, and new understandings coming forth from additional scrolls being discovered that is part of the deposit of the Dead Sea Scrolls. When awareness becomes captive, we are closed down and it stops the need for discovering anything new; we simply won't notice.

This is a pity because the more we become aware of Jeshua, the more we move into an unseen world where we learn who we are and what we are from our higher self and ultimately from our soul monad. And yes, that brings us into the NOW, which is a dimension beyond our third dimension.

There is some interesting information in a book called the Jesus Papers by Michael Baigent. He was also a co-author of Holy Blood Holy Grail. Since the publication of that book Mr. Baigent has continued to collect information surrounding the one that we call Jeshua. He has traveled widely through Egypt, Galilee, and other important historical places.

Qumran: An Information Center
Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found seems to have been a very important place for the storage of scrolls. According to Mr Baigent, "the documents from Qumran make it plain that the primitive Christian church was rooted in the Jewish sect of the new covenant, the Essene Sect, to a degree none would have suspected, and that it borrowed from it a large part of the organization, writings, doctrines, "patterns of thought" and its mystical and ethical ideas.

"Late in 1951, Father de Vaux and Gerald Lankester Harding began to excavate the ruins at Qumran. All the identifiable coins they found dated from the beginning of the Christian period to the end of the Jewish war in A.D. 70. They also found, set into the floor of one room, a jar identical to those that have held the scrolls in what is identified as Cave One at Qumran. This strongly indicated that those Qumran scrolls were in use during the Christian period.

"In July 1958, a new piece of text was purchased. It was in Aramaic and had originally come from Cave Four. Upon translation, experts on the international team comprised of experts from Catholic University of America and a consultant for the pontifical Biblical commission translated the text that referred to a figure who ‘will be called son of God’ This phrase was previously thought to be exclusively used by Jesus in the world of Judaism, was now seen to be a pre-existing usage."

Two Letters Written By Jeshua
Mr. Baigent tells the story about Yigael Yadin who excavated Masada, where he found many fragments of texts. In 1961 he found two papyrus documents bearing an Aramaic text, together with a number of objects that allowed him to date the finds at about A.D. 34.

"The papyrus texts were two Aramaic letters written to the Jewish court, the Sanhedrin. The writer called himself bani meshiha - the Messiah of the children of Israel. This figure, the Messiah of the children of Israel, was defending himself against a charge made by the Sanhedrin - he had obviously been accused of calling himself ‘son of God’ and had been challenged to defend himself against this charge. In the first letter, the Messiah explained that what he meant was not that he was ‘God’ but that the ‘Spirit of God’ was in him - not that he was physically the son of God, but rather that he was spiritually an adopted son of God. And he added that everyone who felt similarly filled with the ‘spirit’ was also the ‘son of God.’".

Mr. Baigent claims, "I was presented with two framed papyrus documents covered with glass. Each was about 18 inches long and 9 inches high. These were the Jesus papers, letters from Jesus to the Sanhedrin. They existed. I held them in my hands. I was silent as I fully enjoyed the moment."

Mr. Baigent recalls an incident in the Gospel of John (10:33 - 35) in a short passage, it describes the "Jews" as being intent upon stoning Jesus for blasphemy. They hurled an accusation at him, saying, "You are only a man and you claim to be God." Jesus calmly answers their challenge, quoting from Psalm 82: Is it not written in your law: 'I said, you are gods?' So the law uses the word gods of those to whom the word of God was addressed."

In other words, the Messiah - who must be the teacher we know as Jesus - explicitly states in these letters that he is not divine - or at any rate, no more than anyone else.

If we look at how the church dogma was organized, we note that the beliefs of the doctrine of faith did not begin in their organization as we understand it until 300 years after the crucifixion, when Constantine ordered that the Council of Nicaea take place. The reason for this is he was trying to bring forth peace in his kingdom. There were great struggles between those who had different opinions about their faith.

Constantine's decisions
We discussed this earlier in another instalment, but it is important to note that Constantine's decisions were to be accepted under the pain of banishment or death. All of the books of sacred Scripture were not accepted into this new faith and there were segments of what would be considered early Christians that had to be eliminated.

One such group were the Gnostics. They believed in going within, connecting with other consciousness, and communicating with those on the other side. They believed in finding their own truth and did not believe that they required an authority to invite them to the truth. They also did not believe that Jeshua was divine.

For the Romans it was not a leap of faith to accept a human being as being divine as they considered their leaders as being divine and it would come to them quite naturally to consider a spiritual leader as being divine also.

It might be a good idea to again consider Jeshua's words.

"Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father." John 14:12.

This makes sense only if you consider that we have great gifts of soul that are not necessarily in our awareness and we must be free to do our own exploration of what exists in spiritual awareness, as this is our spiritual heritage.

According to Lawrence Gardner in his book the Grail Enigma, he mentions that the crucifixion is not illustrated in the Roman catacombs. The early Christians painted objects that were of importance to them, and it would seem that they did not consider the crucifixion as an important part of their belief system.

Jeshua's Mission
From my own experience and going within and tracing Jeshua's mission, I find that a great part of his mission was to reconnect again the lines of light between Earth and the higher dimensions. This was required if humanity was to ascend to the angelic realm. These lines of light were destroyed when humanity fell to the lower denseness of the third dimension. This occurred at the fall of Atlantis, when a great civilization fell because of major abuses and excesses.

It is not necessary for any being to die for humanity's sins.

We understand this when we are able to travel in other dimensions. I have gone to that moment when the souls were created. I have seen them receiving particles from our Maker that are their particles. Prime Creator could see the possibilities in the Void before the cosmos was created.

In their curiosity they wanted to understand all that was possible to understand through these possibilities. They were too large in their construction to leave cosmic center. Also they had to stay in cosmic center to keep the balance that was necessary in creation.

As each soul was created, they were instructed to go forward and experience. These experiences would be sent back to Prime Creator in two forms, and both of these forms were transmitted energetically through vibration.

Each soul has a data bank that has collected every experience that they have witnessed and it is accumulated in their akashic records. These records are collected and integrated through the work of the cherubim. Prime Creator accesses these records and also souls report back to Prime Creator personally as they move through the dimensions at what we call death.

Jeshua and Reiki?
There is an interesting article called, The similarities between the healing of Jesus and Reiki.

The article mentions times that Jeshua healed through the laying on of hands. It continues by saying, "There are many similarities between the laying on of hands healing Jesus did and the practice of Reiki. One important similarity is the fact that Jesus could pass the power to heal on to others, which is similar to the Reiki attunement process. We read in Luke 9:1-2 that Jesus gave his 12 disciples power to drive out all demons and to cure diseases. We do not know by what process Jesus gave healing power to his disciples, but the fact that he was able to pass it onto them indicates an important similarity with Reiki."

Another aspect of Jesus' healing practice that is similar to Reiki relates to faith. While faith was required for many of the healings he performed, it appears that the healings Jesus did with his hands did not require faith. Mark 6:5-6 states; "He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and healed them."

Mystical Thought
In the Jesus papers by Michael Baigent, he reminds us of a statement that Jeshua said. "When thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light."

"This is pure mysticism of a type not otherwise found in the New Testament, nor is it found in the Ze a lot teachings we find expressed in the Dead Sea Scrolls. This is unique in a Judaean context. We are forced to conclude that Jesus had, as it were, been initiated somewhere else. He had had an experience of the divine light that mystics all through the ages have reported."

There was only one place where Jesus could have learned this approach. There was only one place among the Jewish residents where these kinds of mystical concepts were discussed and taught, where the political obsessions current in Judaea were either absent or much muted, and that place was Egypt.

Next month: Out of Egypt..

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This article is the nineteenth of a 40-part series, ending in Autumn 2012. The series will then be widely released in December 2012 as a freely available ebook, so as many people as possible will understand how they can participate in the Ascension - the transformation of the human race to become guided by and one with Unconditional Love in nature and being.

Carolyn Evers is a messenger for the spiritual hierarchy. Carolyn believes that there is a connection between spirituality and science, and she endeavors to incorporate scientific research along with what she receives from spirit."

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