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The Squirrel and Two Power Cords

By Beca Lewis

I have a squirrel friend who must know the spiritual law, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." Perhaps squirrels automatically teach it to their children and perhaps in a squirrel family it is actually believed and acted upon.

The proof I have of this fact is the little squirrel paw prints on my glass door where Mrs. Billie Bob props herself while looking in to see if I am ready to bring her peanuts. Even when it takes awhile for me to notice, or to get up and get them — she waits, confident that the law, seeking and knocking (or in her case pawing) is in intact.

I see I have something to learn from her. If I don't see what I am asking for right away, I begin to doubt that it is there. Fear clouds my thinking, or impatience gets the best of me. Instead, I could think more like a squirrel.

If a squirrel can trust that a human, with all its imperfections, will provide; perhaps I should trust that infinite Love, in all Its perfection, provides for me all the time too.

Nice thought, but does it work? That brings me to the shaver and the first power cord. One morning Del told me that when he started to shave he realized that his shaver was almost out of power so he took the cord out of the drawer and plugged it into the wall.

However, the shaver was as bad as before, in fact it just got worse. Afraid that the shaver was broken he checked it again and noticed that although he had plugged the cord into the wall, he had not plugged the cord into the shaver.

We laughed when he told me the storyIsn't this a perfect example of how we usually apply the power of a spiritual law? We learn it, believe that it is true, which is like plugging into the source, but then we forget to plug it into our daily life.

There is another spiritual law that correlates to this one: "And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer."

If we started all of our thinking from this spiritual law, we would notice that what we need in life has shown up before we need it. Big things, like the air for our next breath, or small things like the story of the second power cord.

This power cord belonged to an old computer that no longer worked so we took it to the store to trade in the parts. The storeowner took one look at the baggie that contained the hard drive and the phone cord connector and said, "Wow this is amazing." We had no idea what he was referring to until he plugged it into another women's computer who had forgotten her cord at home. No big deal right? Well in this case this was a very rare cord with a special kind of plug on the end. The kind of cord that hardly anybody ever used even 5 years ago when it was new.

We walked in with the exact cord she needed just as she realized she needed it.

In fact, we were on the way to the store with what she needed before she knew she needed it. Look around, isn't that what happens all the time? Perhaps if we concentrated on the idea that millions of events are in motion at all times to insure that in each second we would have what we need, then the times we don't "see" what we need immediately we would patiently wait — knocking and seeking — knowing that it was there.

That state of mind perception change to calmness and expectancy rather than fear and patience combined with the point of view perception change to thinking from these two spiritual laws would reveal that what we need has been available all along.

We would stop blinding ourselves to what has been provided by determining how we think it should look. In our confidence that spiritual laws always work and can never be annulled that blindness would be lifted and what has already been provided would appear.

Now I have to go — Mrs. Billie Bob is here for her breakfast. It is my joy to provide for her, as it is Divine Love's to provide for you.

*Bible: Matt 7:7 Isa 65:24.

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