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Energy and Essence

By Dr. Willem Lammers & Andrea Fredi

An excerpt from Restoring the Flow : A Primer in Logosynthesis

We're a Body
We are a body, a physical body with the needs of the physical world... eating, drinking, belonging, avoiding danger, and desiring to reproduce. Through our senses, we collect information from the environment and react to it. Our body is dedicated to biological survival.

We're a Mind
We also exist as a mind. We can adapt to the environment. We can handle rain and dryness, heat and cold, within limits. We can alter our environment actively. We can define personal and collective goals and devote our energy to achieving them in time and space.

We're More
We are more than body and mind. A soul, a higher self, a true self, an Essence, has always been part of our human experience. We are beings beyond time and space, in a continuous process of development, actively giving form to our world with the help of a creative intention. Es-sence confers meaning to our life.

Our body and mind are tools to manifest ourselves on this planet. We tend to identify with these instruments, and thus we lose a conscious connection with our Essence. We believe we are our emotions, our suffering, our thoughts, our needs. We get convinced that there is nothing more. Finally, we lose contact with the real and only reason for our existence.

Essence and Flow
When we are in contact with this Essence, our life energy is in flow. Our life becomes a dance. Flow leads to adequate perceptions of the here and now and therewith to adequate reactions of the person.

Disturbances in the Flow Lead to Suffering
The access to the source of our life energy can be interrupted, blocked or limited. When the flow diminishes, life loses meaning and people suffer. In Logosynthesis, we assume that our life energy can be in flow or stored in energy structures.

Energy Structures
If energy is not in flow, it's still, waiting to be activated. We need a balance between flowing and still energy to be able to orient ourselves in the 3D world. If too much of our life energy is in flow, we're overwhelmed. If too much of our energy is frozen, we cannot act and react adequately in the current environment. Persons and events on our life path can influence this balance.

This way, energy structures can be supportive or limiting. Supportive structures offer a frame of reference, which helps us to cope with daily life on earth. They act as beacons in the sea of impressions and events in daily life. Limiting structures create problems. They don't offer orientation: they generate inadequate reactions.

Structures in Space
In Logosynthesis, we assume that energy structures exist in 3D space, in the same way tables and chairs have a place in a room. We can perceive these subtle energy structures in the same way we perceive a chair or a table with our senses. We can see, hear, sense, smell or even taste these energy structures.

Every person, object or event of our life experience can lead to the creation of an energy structure. The combination of all these structures offers a map to find our way in life. This can be a map with blank areas and wrong routes, or it can be an exact, finely detailed representation of the outside world.
In our experience, energy structures are most influential if they exist in our immediate vicinity, in our personal space.

How Does Logosynthesis Work?
Logosynthesis aims at resolving inadequate energy structures and restoring the flow of life energy, in the following sequence:

The three sentences address:
1. the retrieval of the person's own energy locked in the representation
2. the removal of the energy of other people and objects, which contributed to the construct
3. the energy of the person locked in the reactions to the construct.

If the triggering structures change, the reactions to the structures also change, and the process moves into a next stage. If the distress as a result of the frozen world has been sufficiently reduced, the person can react directly to the present and the Logosynthesis procedure is terminated. Usually, energy blocks consist of very many aspects, in the triggering constructs and in the reactions to them. Resolving them opens options, creates opportunities for change. Continued application of Logosynthesis increases our awareness of Essence and our life purpose - lightly and elegantly.

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