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Soul Angels

By Jenny Smedley

(excerpt from Soul Angels by Jenny Smedley).

Why Are We Here?
We are here to take part in the evolution of angels by allowing our souls, which are a part of them, to experience that which can only be experienced in a physical body. We are here to take steps in the journey towards divinity, and each lifetime is one step. It’s up to us to make sure that step takes us in the right direction.

Why Is the Earth Here?
The Earth was created by turning energy into light to provide us with a stage to live out our dramas on, and a school of learning. There may be other planets where the same thing is happening.

Who Created It and Us ?
The entire universe has intelligence within every molecule, and they are capable of making a collective decision to take these steps. This is confirmed by the fact that although science has proven that on a quantum (microscopic) level all matter is fluid, it chooses to retain its apparently solid form in order to make a functioning world. This collective intelligence can be manifested as a single, thinking entity – hence the belief in a God who cannot be seen.

What Happens When Our Soul Is Balanced?
If we return over and over to balance our souls, then what happens when they don’t need to return here any more? Our souls return to their source, which by then will be an evolved form of angel.

Having said all of that, now I realize how powerful the ‘director’ of our play is, being part of a divine being. I can also see why spiritual gurus tell us that we can change the script of our lives to make things easier for ourselves, once we have accomplished the lessons we came here to learn.

We can do this simply by acknowledging the lessons and, as director, rewriting the script. This is where our past lives come into the picture, because by understanding what went before, we can grasp what lessons we have come here again to learn.

And also, past-life recall will help us to discover our Master Plan by enabling us to reunite mind, body and spirit, thus becoming closer to our angelic base. From there, every tiny step taken on the path to that plan will bring us happiness that comes from deep within us, through knowing we’re fulfilling that plan.

One other thing I’d like to comment on is that, judging by the portraits I’m guided to produce of these angels, they comprise almost always, predominantly, female energy.

This is because female energy is the energy of Home. In this instance, ‘home’ is the Primal Source, the power behind the universe.

Excerpt from Soul Angels, published by Hay House.

Do you ever wonder if you might have had a past life, and how it might affect you today?
Do you ever dream that your connections to angels might be even closer than you thought?
This book brings these two concepts together in a dramatic revelation that will forever change the way you see yourselfTake a journey with Jenny Smedley as she explores and explains your past lives and how they contribute to any problems you might have today
Discover the real you, and be prepared to be surprised and amazed at the wondrous being you'll find. Soul Angels delves into angelic realms that you never dreamed existed, and shows you the path to true inner happiness.

An expert on past lives and pets, Jenny Smedley is also a renowned spiritual healer, advisor and therapist, appearing in many magazines and TV programmes including GMTV and in Chat’s popular past-life column, Dear Madeleine. She lives with her reincarnated dog, KC.

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