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Look Differently 

By Beca Lewis

Glancing out the window I looked a few yards further out than I normally do and realized, “Hey, I can see in the window of the Vet’s office.” It took me almost two years to notice this fact

I took a longer, wider view and saw something that had always been there.

When options seem limited we most often look within the world that we know for an answer. The problem with that answer is it is part of the problem, which only compounds the problem. The only way out is to take in a longer, wider view. Look further out than what appears as the problem or situation and see what is already present for you.

Seeing outside of the current situation and into what is already present as other options simply takes a shift of viewpoint. Sometimes that shift is accidental, like glancing out the window. Most often it happens because we chose it. This shift of perception is within our own thinking. That’s the good news, and that’s the bad news.

It is hard to shift a perception if you are afraid of the results, or if you like some of the benefits that the current situation appears to offer. It becomes addictive. Like all addictions, until we realize we are addicted to the results of our perception, life is difficult. When we reach humility, either through choice or through pain and suffering, it appears effortless.

Residual Income is a good thing, isn’t it? You do something that produces income now and a portion of that income continues for a long time afterward. Shifting perception is just like residual income only better. Worldly residual income stays the same, or diminishes over time. Spiritual residual income spirals out and expands and increases over time.

However, time after time Del and I speak with those who have “worked hard” at doing the right thing, believe in spiritual principles, and yet are barely getting by within one or more parts of their lives. They are limited in wealth, health, or love.
It’s not that they haven’t produced ‘residual income,” they just don’t know where to find it. The windows of perception are darkened by habits, belief systems, the worldview, fear and most of all discouragement. Having adjusted to the darkness we may all forget that there is a way out.

Del and I usually get up long before sunrise. We leave the house dark except for where we are working. While writing one morning I realized I was cold and wanted to turn on the heat. I walked into the dark living room, opened a drawer, pulled out a lighter I knew was there, flicked it, and behold, that tiny light lit the room. The dark that appeared present dissolved. It didn’t hide in the corner, jump into the drawer, or run outside. It dissolved.

What was already present in the room didn’t suddenly appear, it was revealed by the light. Dark cannot be turned on or off. It can only disappear when light enters. Even in the dark, I knew where the light was located. In the darkest of situations, you also know where the light is located.

Or did you forget? Let me remind you where to find it.

Do you know it is you? Not in you. Not reflected by you. You. Think of it this way. In fact, go to your kitchen and take out a sieve. Hold it up to the light. See the light pouring out of the holes? Is the light coming out of the holes any different from the original light? No. You are the light, individual perhaps, but always one with the whole, the original, and in this case, the One.

So finding the light to turn on is actually just taking a different view of what already is true. Look differently. Turn on the light by seeing yourself as you are. It’s that simple.

It’s the choice that is appears difficult.

However, that appearance of difficulty is a lie. Don’t believe it. Be the light. Let go of ego, of how it is supposed to be, the belief that you are human, that you will lose something. Allow yourself to be humble, and all that has been prepared for you will be revealed as a practical solution to any situation with results beyond what you can imagine for yourself while standing in the dark.

Look differently and see.

Matthew: 5: 14 “Ye are the light of the world.”

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