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The Eternal Presence Behind Life’s Pains

By  Victtor Da Ponte

The Eternal presence is everywhere. It is in the air. It is in the trees, the oceans, the rivers and everywhere you look. But not only is it in the physical world outside of you, it is also within you. You may wonder where I could find it within me. Is it in my mind? Is it in my body somewhere? I believe the answer is all of the above and more. There is nowhere eternal presence is not within you.  It’s even behind your anger, your fears and your hatred. It’s behind your worries, your guilt and your sexual fantasies.  

There cannot be an experience or object not sustained by its creator – the living, breathing consciousness that holds it all together – all for the benefit of the experience of re-experiencing itself. Yourself.

Even life’s greatest injustices are encoded with the eternal presence. It may be a paradox, but if this paradox is ignored, it will keep you locked within the wheels of ignorance and sufferingKarma.

On the surface, a great injustice will cause great pain when experienced through the lens of the mind. The mind is linear, if one person is stealing from another; it’s an ugly and awful thing. Period. At its root the mind has only one perspective. Survival. All is calculated by adding and subtracting – from a superficial perspective – and once there is a negative result, pain is experienced as a warning to help bring back the balance of “good and bad” from its dualistic standpoint. The mind is missing a greater perspective – a divine perspective.    

Getting trapped in the emotions will keep you blind to the eternal presence behind it all. But simply shifting your attention to the source of all existence will quickly begin to dissolve any suffering. Shifting your attention to the present moment, and the vibration of stillness are some simple ways to tap into the eternal now.

Life’s challenges are only opportunities to awaken to the unified source that you really are. You are one with all of creation – but it’s not the ‘reality’ this planet lives by. This planet lives by the illusion of separation and subsequently pain and suffering. We are always one with eternal presence. No matter how many mistakes you’ve made or the kind of life that you are living now, you can easily access this consciousness. It does not matter what your life experiences have  been. Everything that God is you Are. You are eternal presence and whatever pain you experience is just your stairway to the consciousness of love and joy –the land of milk and honey.

Every aspect of the pain you may experience is just a seed of love, compassion and glory.  Do not fight with your pain and suffering. Do not make it your enemy. It is not. It is a seed which, at first glance, may appear ugly and feel undesirable. But if you fight it and suppress it, you will be suppressing the flower that is locked in the seed.

The energy within an unpleasing looking seed under the right conditions will turn into a beautiful plant, fruits and flowers. Behind  anger – waiting to flower is love and compassion. We are inherently filled with layers and layers of deeply rooted seeds that have the potential to completely transform our lives. The deeper you go within, the more potential you find. The more seeds you find that may appear most unpleasant, but will carry the greatest energy for personal transformation.

The deeper the pain –the more powerful the love it will release that will seep into your every cell. It takes courage and an equally deep desire to face these seeds within, but just like one seed can turn into a tree and transform the landscape for years and years, so too will your deepest pain transform your life for the rest of your life – and every aspect of it. Yet even the fear of facing what’s deep within is just another seed waiting to help you transform into who you really are. From the moment you make the decision to go deep within fear may rises up. Know that it is also love, a love response from your mind, trying to keep you from feeling pain –the only way it knows how –through fear.

By having a deep acceptance of all that is, whether it may appear as good or bad to the mind, you will know that you are inherently good. You always have been and you always will be. Have a deep acceptance of all emotional discomforts. Don’t judge. This is the key to the inner magic which will allow your heart’s deepest desires to come floating to you on life’s unseen undercurrent.   You want to be happy. Turn what appears to be lead into gold. You are filled with it. You want to feel joy. Turn your seeds of sadness into joy. Turn your seeds of doubt into trust and peace. That’s the only reason they are there. No other reason exists – everything else is just an illusion.  The illusion is not that your pain is not really there, the illusion is that the logic for holding on to the pain is true and valid.  The logic behind the pain is the illusion. It is not logical. It is just ignorant of the truth. It is just an attempt to create truth. You cannot create truth. Truth just is. The only truth is that you need nothing and the only question is –do you really want to live in truth? 

Victtor Da Ponte is a gifted energy healer, spiritual counsler and originator of the iMaster Techniques. He has been in the personal development field for more than 20 years, and is committed to assisting others in their evolution.

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