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Going Within

Part Three

By Carolyn Evers

"Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father." John 14:12

There is much more to Jeshua’s teachings than we perhaps understand. Our knowledge and richness of who he was has been limited simply because the information that has come down to us has been tampered with. All of the sacred writings that concerned him have not been put into the Bible and what was put into the Bible has been limited in some fashion because of what was removed to suit those who were in power at the time, whether it was the Catholic Church itself, or the Roman Emperors who dominated the church and its beginnings.

Those that have knowledge that threatened the powers of the moment were silenced in some fashion. The Gnostic writers were completely disenfranchised and held to be heretics. Yet it is this very ability of being able to go within and bring forth knowledge that is available through the right side of our brain that allows us to understand a greater truth.

We have the ability to connect with all consciousness whether it is a star, grass, a tree, the Masters, or Prime Creator. We have the ability to stretch our consciousness throughout the entire cosmos and bring back the information that resides there.

Few of us do this because we have been told that it cannot be done. We were taught that we needed an interpreter between our God and ourselves. We needed someone to tell us what would make our relationship right with our God. If we stay in that box our spiritual growth remains static. We are contained within our beliefs and the boundaries of our perceptions.

We still argue over the meaning of words that we find in the Scriptures, not understanding that our minds have been contained to a very small window of what is truth. We have been taught falsely, of how to meditate and to be satisfied with what was given to us and not even thinking of exploring the vast tapestry of truth.

How Do We Change This?
Be open to the thought that perhaps there is more knowledge available to you as it resides hidden behind those things that we have been taught to believe. Be open to the thought that perhaps we have been limited.

I remember many of my lifetimes. I have found it to be of great benefit to me for many reasons. I have a sense of who I am, where I came from, my mission, and my future. This has helped me make sense of why I am here. It also has helped me understand the mistakes that I have made and how to correct them. Working with the lessons of reincarnation has helped me understand why those in my present life have acted and reacted to me in the way in which they did.

I could find the reasons behind some of the most painful experiences in my life, learned from them, and moved on. I have become all the stronger for this. If there was an establishment or individuals that wished to control us, this tool of reincarnation and the understanding it brings would present a problem for them. We wouldn’t allow their control if we had the understanding of our journey. Therefore, the Church and the State would find this a very dangerous ability if we realized that all we required was our own guidance.

Reincarnation as Taught by Early Christians
The idea of reincarnation is found in the oldest traditions of Western civilization, as well as being taught throughout the ancient near East and Orient. And there is solid evidence that during its first centuries, Christianity did indeed impart what it had learned about the pre-existence of souls and their re-embodiment.

Josephus, the Jewish historian who lived during most of the first century A.D., records in his Jewish War (3, 8. 5) and in his Antiquities of the Jews (18, 1, 3) that reincarnation was taught widely in his day, while his contemporary in Alexandria, Philo Judaeus, in various of his writings, also refers to re-embodiment in one form or another. Moreover, there are passages of the New Testament that can be understood only if seen against the background of preexistence of souls as a generally held belief. For instance, Matthew (16:13-14) records that when Jesus asked his disciples “Whom do men say that I am?” They replied that some people said he was John the Baptist (who had been executed only a few years before the question was asked). Others thought he was Elijah, or Jeremiah, or other of the prophets. Later in Matthew (17:13), far from rejecting the concept of rebirth Jesus tells his disciples that John the Baptist was Elijah.

In John (9:2-4) it states that the disciples asked Jesus whether a blind man had sinned or his parents that he had been born blind. Jesus replied that it was in order that the works of God may be made manifest in the blind man, that is, that the law of cause and effect might be fulfilled. Or, as St. Paul phrased the thought: We reap what we sow. The blind man could not have sown the seeds of his blindness in his present body, but must have done so in a previous lifetime.

Early Christians believed in reincarnation
The earliest Christians, especially those who were members of one or other of the Gnostic sects, included re-embodiment among their important teachings. For them it enabled fulfillment of the law – karma, as well as providing the means for the soul to purify itself from the muddy qualities resulting from its immersion in matter and the egoism we have developed in the first stages of our journey through Earth life.

In the work that Richard and I do, we have found that while this might be true, a better explanation of the process is that those emotions that we held at death, as we were crossing over to the other side, were not cleared from the physical body. It is a law that imperfections collected in a lower dimension cannot be taken to a higher dimension.

Presently most people who cross over move to a higher astral plane. Some consider this place as Nirvana, and since it exists in a higher vibrational level than our three dimensional life. These negative emotions are captured in our emotional subtle body and placed within a seed. During the next life as the soul incarnates again, this seed which was contained in the DNA is released into the bloodstream with the intention of clearing these negative emotions.

If someone were attacked by the dark as they crossed over, were murdered, or came to an unfortunate end, you could see where these emotions would have filled the energy body.

Those who chose to usurp our power such as the Catholic Church and early Roman Emperors intended for us to follow their dictates and discouraged us from going within and finding the truth about ourselves. When we go within we connect to consciousness, whether it is our higher self which is the entranceway to the soul monad, or to other forms of consciousness such as trees, animals, or even rocks and crystals.

The right side of the brain
All of this is possible when we learn how to work from the right side of the brain , which is where our intuition lies and it is through our intuition that we are connected to the gifts of our soul. Those who would control us understood this and they also understood that if we stayed within the left side of the brain, we could not connect to our intuition and thus to those gifts which enabled us to move into what is called the NOW. In the NOW we are able to see and understand our past, such as our past lifetimes and of course the present. Understanding what surrounds our present means we can heal what requires to be healed. Connecting with future events allows us to see the results of the healing. All of this is possible depending upon where you place your focus.

The early Gnostics understood this process and they could trace their own history, knowing where they came from and the path that would lead them to their future. Working through this skill you could understand that one does not need an authority such as the Church or the State to tell you what to believe. Therefore, those who wished to keep us under their control would make certain that we would be involved in activities supported by the left side of the brain.

Threats of death were placed over humanity by the Roman Emperors. The concept of sin, languishing in a state of eternal hell, excommunication, and in some aspects of history, torture and death as was used by the Inquisition, were methods used to keep humanity under the authority and control of the Catholic Church.

Today's distractions
Today these tools do not work as in the past. However, those of the dark presently use other methods such as discordant music, violence in every thread of our work and pleasure, such as movies, video games and the like, keep us engaged in activities from the left side of the brain and manage to keep us from engaging our intuitive side of the brain.

Jeshua’s story and teachings, which has been called The Greatest Story Ever Told, has been changed and watered down to fill the needs of those who would control us.

We will explore some of the facets of Jeshua’s life in areas that have perhaps been overlooked. There is much about Jeshua’s life along with Mary Magdalene's that is coming to the surface presently as this is the time of great change. At this time we will again be connected to these great gifts of our soul.

Healing our past history
When our soul was created, we truly were formed in the likeness of Prime Creator. If one uses the tools of traveling through the right side of the brain, we can go back to the past and actually see the soul being created.

There were magnificent lights in a brilliance that cannot be described and along with that, there was magnificent music that some have called The Music of the SpheresIn the midst of this there was a brilliant white light as Prime Creator brought forth the particles that were theirs to bring forth as these particles were part of them. And in that mix of light and music, love and colors, we came forth as the sound that God uttered called us. In one moment we did not exist and the next moment there was our consciousness as a soul. We were overwhelmed at the sight of it all as in astonishment, we looked into the face of God.

The cosmos is extremely large in its structure and Prime Creator stays in the center to keep creation balanced. For its greater understanding, Prime Creator sent particles of itself out into the cosmos to understand its creation to the fullest. Our souls are those particles that Prime Creator sent forth. So I ask you, how could we be born in original sin if we are the progeny of God?

Once someone understands this process and works with it, they need no one else to explain their journey and the Source from which they come. The Gnostics have developed this ability and for this they were feared and called heretics. Their records were destroyed and in many cases they were burned at the stake.

Next month: We will look more closely into the one that we call Jeshua.

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This article is the nineteenth of a 40-part series, ending in Autumn 2012. The series will then be widely released in December 2012 as a freely available ebook, so as many people as possible will understand how they can participate in the Ascension - the transformation of the human race to become guided by and one with Unconditional Love in nature and being.

Carolyn Evers is a messenger for the spiritual hierarchy. Carolyn believes that there is a connection between spirituality and science, and she endeavors to incorporate scientific research along with what she receives from spirit."

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