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See What You Perceive

By Beca Lewis

I kept looking but I couldn’t see him.  Del told me that he was running the stairs.  I would jog by where he said he was, not see him, and run home thinking I must have missed him.  But, every day he would come back and say “I saw you!”

I knew I was looking in the right place. He had described where on the Wesleyan campus he was going to be.  It was a big open field and he would be at the end of it – “running the stairs”.  But no matter how hard I looked I could not see him.

And then one day there he was, right where he said he would be and obviously right where he had been every day even when I couldn’t see him. In that moment of his “appearing” It felt to me as if he had magically appeared out of nowhere.  What happened?

I looked differently.

Once in the same conversation about running the stairs he had also mentioned “bleachers”. So when I would jog by I would look across the field to try and find bleachers.  Now here is an interesting piece.  I never saw bleachers.  What I saw was my own version of what I decided must be bleachers. Why did I do this?  Because I knew I was in the right place, the right open field and there weren’t any bleachers.  However, since I remembered that he had said bleachers I decided that they must be there so I “saw them”

However, I still didn’t see Del. Finally, one day I asked again.  “Where are you running?”  This time he told me about the big building with the white marble stairs.  “What building with the white marble stairs”?  I was only looking for bleachers.

The next day I looked for white marble stairs and there he was – running the stairs.  What I had seen every other day, and called bleachers, was the green grass growing between the stairs.  I had not seen the stairs, the building, or Del.  I was looking for something I had made up in my own mind.  I had even reinterpreted sloping hills of grass to be bleachers of some kind.  I was blind to what was in front of me.

I didn’t create the stairs, the building, or Del.  They were there all the time.  I became “un-blind” to what already was. We know we all experience this blindness in our everyday lives as ruts, habits, points of view, paradigms, and filters – it’s perception!.

What we create is our version of how we think things are, we create is our own perception, and our perception determines what we see.  When we don’t see what we want to see – we think it’s not there or we make up our own version of it.

For example:  we look for wealth in terms of how we have determined it is to be found. We look for it through jobs, money, and people.  When we don’t see it, we think it is not there.  What if we described wealth differently?  What if we looked for it differently?  Perhaps we would see that it is right in front of us.

Another way to look at this concept is through the idea of frequencies.  We are surrounded by radio signals, TV signals, and phone signals. There are even signals that appear to be long gone from our current ability to tune it to them.  And that is what we do. We tune it to them.  We tune into one signal at a time and never see or hear the rest.  Finite Perception works the same way.  It tunes us into one signal and we never see or hear the rest.

Becoming “un-blind” is the only work we can do that will make a difference in our lives.  Everything has already been created.  Everything has already been provided.  Learning to look without filters, paradigms, or pre determination of “how it must be” must and will result in the seeing of all that we need in each moment.

When what we need appears in front of us out of what seems like nowhere it may feel like magic, or a miracle. But, it is not.  It is simply the Principle of Perception in action.  It is our choosing of a larger perception of what is possible that shows us what has been hidden to us – in plain sight.

Imagine that!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all our years of schools and jobs and life experiences focused on teaching us how to expand perceptions to the infinite? 

It only takes a moment to shift a perception.  Why not start now?  Imagine what we will see when our focus in on the Infinite! Think what we will see then! .

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