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Cultivate Life! Magazine #30

Cultivate Life!

This issue contains:


Wallace Huey, How I Found Unshakeable Inner Peace
We perceive where we are challenged in life as something that is "causing" our loss of tranquility… be it the loss of a relationship, boredom with work, stress and anxiety, wondering which path to take, or confusion as to the purpose of life itself – these are just some of the life challenges that can apparently deprive us of inner calm.

Karen Wright, The Price of Un-Forgiveness
"I cannot forgive this child molester. I just can't!" She spoke these words with contempt and condemnation. Those of us around her felt the hatred bleeding from her body. Moments before, our conversation had focused upon the hidden aspects of forgiveness. We agreed that upon first glance, forgiveness seemed to be about letting someone else off the hook.

Alan Zimmerman, The Five Lessons of Failure
Nothing in this world is more unpopular than failure. Personal failure, relationship failure, business failure, or any other kind of failurePeople hate failure. Unfortunately, you and I are going to have some failures in life. They're inevitable.

Guy Finley, Discover a New Way of Knowing Yourself
Have you ever wondered why our best intentions and the ability to accomplish them seem to live in two different universes? We intend not to do something mean-spirited or otherwise self-defeating. Yet that is often just what we do. Then we ask, "What happened… how could we?" Yet, for all of our questioning, this mystery remains unsolved.

Pam Garcy, "My critical voice is so loud, that I don't hear anything else!"
I might surprise you with the first thing I'm going to say--I'm sure most of you are not expecting me to go here. But, here it is: Critical thinking is a great skill! It helps you to determine what is right or wrong for your life.

Philip Humbert, How Important Are Your Values?
A central theme of many personal development and goal-setting programs is the importance of building your life around your core values. Every really effective goal-setting program I've seen begins with the question, "What's important to you?".

Chuck Gallozzi, The Greatest Mistake You Can Make
“What? You plan to go to Japan to study the language? You’re nearly 24, without a college education, so why would you want to do that? How will you support yourself? And if you do learn the language, what will you do with it? Aren’t you taking a big gamble?”

Harry Tucker, Overcoming Your Demons
Over the past few years, a number of people have shared with me the notion of the demons that hold them down. The demons vary in attribution - not enough money, not smart enough, not connected enough, etc.

Beca Lewis, Boldly Love Where Your Love Has Never Gone Before
“You don’t know what love is.”  That’s what Ginny said to Forrest in the movie Forrest Gump.  At the end of the movie when he told her, “I do know what love is Ginny,” we all knew that he did.

Steve Wickham, The Innocence and Power of Enthusiasm
Not unlike curiosity in the breadth of its power and majesty of its mystery, enthusiasm is given to the holy quality of another realm, other than founded here, on earth.


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