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Glad No Matter What
Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity


SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is a bestselling author and artist. Her books have sold over two million copies. She is the founder and creative fountain of Planet SARK, a thriving business that creates fabulous products and services to support empowered living. She lives gladly in San Francisco.

Though SARK has empowered millions to live their creative dreams, manage their businesses, and savor personal connections, the deaths of her mother and cat and the end of a treasured relationship tested her ability to walk her talk. But as Glad No Matter What shows, she journeyed through the spirals and layers of grief and loss and emerged stronger and more whole. In this inspiring book, she shares the insights she found along the way — practical strategies we can all use to cultivate profound, positive transformation through, rather than despite, life’s inevitable travails.

“In her unique and marvelous way, SARK shares her own story with humor and honesty, inspiring us with her wisdom. In Glad No Matter What, she shows us how to live with greater genuine happiness even when we’re facing tough challenges or tumultuous change. I loved this book!”
—Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason

“SARK has done it again. She’s taken the harrowing life challenges of dealing with loss and change, turned them upside down, and created a powerful healing path that will calm fears, warm hearts, and transform lives forever. Way to go, SARK!”
—Cheryl Richardson, author of Take Time for Your Life and The Art of Extreme Self-Care

“SARK has birthed yet another profound gift in her latest work, Glad No Matter What. She shows the gifts in healing from loss with her approachable and simple language, illustrating the kind of transformation that is possible as we dare to mend our broken hearts.”
— Kristine Carlson, author of Heartbroken Open and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women

“SARK’s wisdom, compassion, joy, and humor are among the brightest lights I know. In Glad No Matter What, she offers outstanding tools and inspiration to make everything you encounter work in your favor. I wish everyone would read this book and bring these heartful lessons to life!”
—Alan Cohen, author of A Daily Dose of Sanity


“A fall into a ditch makes you wiser.”    
—Chinese Proverb.

Falling is a necessity on your path to success.  Falling often, is the path to enlightenment.  We must stumble and often fall in order to obtain the wisdom we have been brought here to learn.  Life is filled with ditches; however it is also covered with mountains.  When stuck in a ditch you must continue to claw your way out and success will surely come.

Real Life Application
Begin to adopt a different way of looking at so-called “failures”.  Realistically, these moments in your life are growth filled learning experiences that will eventually catapult you to the peak of success.  Fall often, pick yourself up each time, and keep climbing the mountainous terrain of success.  There is only one true failure and that is when you give up.

Tip# 10
Reduce the number of qualifiers in your speech.

Qualifiers are words and phrases that weaken your commitment to action. “Maybe,” “perhaps,” try to,” kind of,” “possibly,” and “think I will” are typical qualifiers. Be aware of how you use such words to make tentative statements – ones that dodge a firm commitment instead of speaking affirmatively.

Rather than saying, “I’ll try to get it done, be more assertive and say, “I will get it done by the end of the day.”  Instead of trying to get someone off your back by saying, “Maybe I’ll look over your report if I get a chance, commit to a definite time frame, then do it!” .

As you reduce the frequency of qualifiers in your speech, watch your reputation soar as others notice the quality and timeliness of your work.

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We begin to see, therefore, the importance of selecting our environment with the greatest of care, because environment is the mental feeding ground out of which the food that goes into our minds is extracted.
—Napoleon Hill
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