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Mind Constraints — Working Within Them

By Steve Wickham

The limitations of our conscious thought have us scurrying in next to no time as pressure bears down. The key is to always remember, these panicked moments too shall pass.

We'll often wonder why it is that we're either stuck for something to do or madly trying to keep up. Like, where's the much cherished balance to life we all seek?

We can ask another question, a much better one; one with real wrangling pertinence.

What are our limitations and why?

The Large Capacity of a Small Space
Our minds deal with so much that we're not even remotely aware of. Only a very small part of our brains is devoted to actually living consciously, and this is where we are found out.

We can't help but think we're in control, especially when it seems that way. Then a flood of two or three issues hit us at once and then we're overwhelmed.

The truth is we're overwhelmed quickly in the cognitive space. Our thinking cannot keep up when things are coming in from different angles simultaneously. Sure, some are more capable than others, but generally we don't cope well with many things at once.

Acknowledging Limitations Frees Us from Despair
Another thing we cannot help but think about is how despairingly easy we're overpowered by the thundering 'service game' of life (to use a tennis term). One thing we have a God-blessed right for is a life where balance is accorded; where we can be active and engrossed in our lives, indeed 'busy,' without suffering continual exhaustion.

And, still, there'll be times when we've wondered why life's so suddenly and unfairly against us.

The key initiative to engage with is simply acknowledging in the battling moment that the moments themselves - the ones clamouring all over, and wrestling with, our peace - will pass, eventually.

The longer term initiative is about life design. What steady state of mind activity do we personally find optimal? We see here a clue to the meaning of life. It's learning about how we personally tick, and then adjusting the 'income' of life perfectly to measure.

Here, fundamentally, are we granted control - for the greater good.

Steve Wickham is a Registered Safety Practitioner (BSc, MSIA, RSP) and a qualified, unordained Christian minister (GradDipBib&Min). His blogs are at: and
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