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Cultivate Life! Magazine #28

Cultivate Life!

This issue contains:


Guy Finley, Seven Simple Exercises to Invite the Extraordinary Life
I can think of no greater encouragement than the self-evident Truth that there dwells in each of us the opportunity to explore and know the Extraordinary Life. This is the immutable and inexhaustible source that is the secret center of each of us: a timeless resource open and available to anyone who would seek the Life that sits behind life as we know it.

Marlene Buffa, Are You On Auto-Haunt?
My favorite holiday of the year - Halloween - a time when people honestly pretend to be something other than who they are! By donning our masks and putting on makeup and costumes, we cloak ourselves in a persona vastly different from how we present ourselves every day.

Alan Zimmerman, Two Big Lies that May be Cutting Off Your Success
There's no doubt about it. We're living in the most exciting time in all of human history ... for one simple reason. In times past, success was perceived by many as something that was either inherited ... or a lifestyle that was enjoyed ... by a very select minority.

Becky Joyce Reed, The Right to Fall Down
Perhaps the greatest quest of this lifetime exists to be true to ourselves. Joining another in marriage should not precipitate giving away oneself and yet, compromise and respect for the values of the entity of the union must mesh with those of both individuals.

Jahiel Yasha Kamhi, Can We Teach Our Brains to Think Differently?
Do you find this title a little bit weird? You do? I need to confess something: The title sounds unusual, but technically it is correct. We do teach our brains to think differently and properly throughout the whole of our lives. We learn how to control impulses and how to motivate ourselves, which basically means we teach the brain how to react.

Beca Lewis, The Cat and The Trash
“Love is always present and cannot remain forever unseen.” We were maintaining that point of view in spite of the fact that the evidence before us told us otherwise.

Chuck Gallozzi, Speaking with Confidence
If you are a student, you may be asked to speak before your class, and those of us who are not, may be asked to speak at a wedding, funeral, sports event, party, or office, sales, or political meeting. Public speaking, like dancing, builds our social skills, and like martial arts, builds confidence. Also, it is the foundation for leadership skills. There’s no question about it, it empowers us, enabling us to inform, educate, motivate, inspire, and persuade others.

Stefanie Miller, A New Day
I woke up quite early this morning. I took my dogs out for a walk and felt a gentle breeze in the air. The same breeze I felt last night while I walked them by moonlight. The wind whispers to me of new beginnings. Oh yes! I am so ready for new things to come! The past year has been filled with so much loss.

Steve Wickham, Taking Life On Its Merits
Getting ahead or getting behind; common problems them both. It is better simply to take life as it comes, learning to plan, but little enough to retain the delicate balance.

Pam Garcy, "I'm afraid of rejection."
Do you fear of rejection? You might prevent yourself from growing due to this fear. You might believe that if you start to take steps in your own direction, you will be rejected, disparaged, mocked, and ostracized by others.

Joyce Shafer, Do You Rub Your Thoughts the Wrong Way?
There is a phrase, “That person rubs me the wrong way,” that basically means the person (though it also could be a situation) doesn’t make you feel good. You, at times, do this with your thoughts (most of us do); so what works to shift this?

L. W. Rogers, Self-Development and the Way to Power
A Success Classic! Rogers explains why we suffer and how with the right knowledge we can disentangle ourselves from suffering and sorrow. Happiness is the product of wisdom, and he shows us how to attains that perfect wisdom, find our purpose in life, and live according to it.


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