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The Cat and the Trash

By Beca Lewis

“Love is always present and cannot remain forever unseen.” We were maintaining that point of view in spite of the fact that the evidence before us told us otherwise.

The first problem we had is that we appeared to have lost a client’s beloved cat. We had been told that the cats could easily sneak out of the house so we were doubly careful to make sure that when we visited them they were still in the house when we left.  Yet one cat was missing the next day when we came back, and a door that we thought we had closed was now open.

We looked everywhere. However, what we didn’t do was first change our “point of view “or “state of mind” perception. Instead, we started with the thought and perception that we must have somehow made a mistake and the consequences were unthinkable. Fear and guilt were our state of mind even though we could see that the open door (which we later found out the cat had done) did not lead to the outside.

So we searched that day, the next and the next.  We even called the cat’s owner and asked where she could hide and after searching all those places, we still couldn’t find the missing cat. After the first day we did attempt to start from the correct point of view that “Love is always present and cannot remain forever unseen” but the state of mind of fear and guilt, that we could have made a mistake kept the cat hidden from view.

Finally, during one visit Del sat down on the couch and flooded his thinking with the thought that “Love is always present and cannot remain forever unseen” and I called for help from a friend to get my own perception on track.  As I was on the phone and Del was on the couch the cat peeked around the corner to let us know it was there.  It was fear and guilt that blocked our view of what was already present.

At the same time, we were packing to move across country. Although we still knew that “Love is always present and cannot remain forever unseen”, we were having trouble letting go of how we “thought” life should be for us and moving on to something else.  Lots of “stuff” had to go, lots of physical stuff, and lots of thinking stuff.

We did start with the correct point of view perception that “Love is always present and cannot remain forever unseen” but the state of mind perception of sadness and wishing remained with us in varying degrees each day.

It wasn’t until the very last moment that the value of letting go was evident in a tangible way. Our trailer was packed, the car was ready to go, and still there were two big bags of “stuff” that had to go the trash, which meant each of us had to carry one to the dumpster.

They were so big that I could barely see over the top and so heavy we kept bumping into each other as we walked. On reaching the dumpster, we simultaneously heaved them in and turned to walk back to the car. The difference was amazing. We were light, free, and able to easily walk together.

The symbol of carrying trash and letting it go can’t be missed.  How much “stuff” do we carry around that keeps us from being with other people?  It wasn’t easy to go through everything we owned and let most of it go. Every time we thought we were done with getting rid of things, there was more to do.  However, each time we did we were more aware that in reality nothing was gone, just our perception that we had to hold on to it in order for it to be available.

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