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"Be ready when opportunity comes.... Luck is when preparation and opportunity meet."
—Roy DChapin Jr.

Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrongs."
—Charlotte Bronte.

"God experiences Life through each of us, and we experience Life thanks to God."
—Peter Shepherd.

"I'm not afraid... I was BORN for this!"
—Joan of Arc.

Fear: A Huge Weight To Carry! .

Yes folks, we actually do literally carry fears around with us !!!

Let me explain: since finding out (last year) that I was adopted at birth; even though I have completely embraced the entire situation, and the experience of the discovery itself; I have been slowly putting on weight at a consistent rate for about 12 months .... until just a few weeks ago!

Over the past 12 months I have been extensively researching body weight and the why?'s of that stuff padding us up, and weighing us down, as it can so easily do.  Yes, I've been a constant gym-goer, walker, pushbike-rider, and reasonably aware partaker of food for about 4-5 years now: but since finding out about being adopted, the weight has been sneaking up on me; regardless!  Hmmmmmmmm, I started to research some of my clients; I also asked you all recently to ask me your very own why? questions; and I dug very deeply into my own subconscious regarding the lessons to be had from all of this research, and what to do with them (?).

Even though I had completely embraced my own situation (100%), I was discussing it and openly talking about it with a large number of people over that 12 month period.  Each time I did this I was unknowingly reinforcing in my own mind that I had every good reason to have all of the fears which had totally controlled my life to this point! 

And they were there EVERY day: and they felt horrible!

All I had been doing for that 12 months was reinforcing my own fears and doubts, and my mind was listening intently to what was going on; particularly in terms of the fear of not being good enough; and I was beginning to actually feel some pretty severe emotional hiccups during this period.  Admittedly, there were some close family reasons to feel emotionally upset during last year, so the overall effect was for me to realize that I now chose to begin to feel better than I was!

Most of my research simply reinforced many aspects of our metaphysical selves which I had already thought and felt were true; and that is that most of our general health issues and body imagery lay based in a variety of areas of fear!  This was too big an area to simply generalize; so I dug deeper over quite some time, and came up with these main areas of fear: That we may be physically harmed; financially harmed; emotionally harmed; sexually harmed; spiritually harmed; our ability to create abundance may be harmed (feel that we are not good enough); and the fear of not having enough time!

These days there is much evidence that the foundation of excess body weight lies within our subconscious fears, and how we feel about ourselves emotionally.  When our well-being (self esteem, or worth, or value) is damaged in any way, our body very cleverly protects us from whatever it is we are fearing or avoiding!  Yes, it builds up a protective barrier between us and whatever may be a threat!

Because I use a simple 'reversal principle' of helping people to create change in my Life Coaching methods, I decided to put that method to work: to totally focus on the opposite of fear!  So I have been obsessively focused on 'feeling safe' for the past 4 weeks: without doing anything else different to my usual routine.  I have shed 4kgs of body weight and am feeling totally different in every aspect of my life!  And if nothing else at all were happening, other than feeling incredibly different and full of confidence in everything that is unfolding in my life right now, I would be delightfully happy!  However, there is a wonderful bonus happening: I'm comfortably shedding body weight with ease!  And every day my thoughts about certain foods which haven't necessarily been good for me — are changing — and my desires also changing — or completely leaving!

My (obsessive) affirmations:
I am safe, and feel safe in every aspect of my life: spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically, and feel worthy of creating abundance!  It is safe to shed weight!  I feel safe shedding weight, and it's safe to be slim!  My vision and image that I hold of my new self is wonderful; and I can see a nicely toned and extremely healthy body as I confidently move forward in every area of my life!

Mokusen's Hand

Mokusen Hiki was living in a temple in the province of Tamba. One of his adherents complained of the stinginess of his wife.

Mokusen visited the adherent's wife and showed her his clenched fist before her face.

"What do you mean by that?" asked the surprised woman.

"Suppose my fist were always like that. What would you call it?" he asked.
"Deformed," replied the woman.

The he opened his hand flat in her face and asked: "Suppose it were always like that. What then?".

"Another kind of deformity," said the wife.

"If you understand that much," finished Mokusen, "you are a good wife." Then he left.

After his visit, this wife helped her husband to distribute as well as to save.

Neale Donald Walsch.

Who Is Neale Donald Walsch?
Neale Donald Walsch is the author of twenty-four books, including six New York Times bestsellers. Books in his nine-volume Conversations with God series have sold over 7.5 million copies and have been translated into thirty-seven languages. Among his other titles are Friendship with God, Communion with God, What God Wants,  Home with God: In a Life that Never Ends, and Happier than GodHe travels the globe offering workshops, retreats, and seminars helping people to integrate the revolutionary spiritual principles of Conversations with God into their daily lives.

“I see humanity rewriting its Cultural Story. This is happening right nowThe shift is away from the central idea of Separation to a new idea embracing the unity of all things. This includes the Oneness of That Which Is Divine with all that is. When this shift is complete (and our opportunity is to make it so), all the world will change, killing and oppression will disappear, no one will ever again deliberately hurt another, and we will get on with our true purpose in life: to evolve the human spirit through the expression and experiencing of our Divinity.”

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