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By Beca Lewis

As we drove to work one morning we were celebrating the fact that it was a beautiful sunny spring daySuddenly it wasn’t. Within seconds we were surrounded by fog. We could barely see 20 feet in front of us. Cars slowed down, car lights flicked on, and everyone became very alert and careful as they continued to drive.  Within minutes we had driven out of the fog, and once again it was a beautiful sunny spring day.

Isn’t life like this? We are happily living a fulfilling and abundant life and then suddenly our wealth, our health, our love, or our happiness seems to disappearWhat is the difference between hitting the fog on the road and hitting the fog in our lives? Nothing except our point of view and state of mind: and that is everything.

Here’s what we don’t think when we hit fog in the road.  “Yikes, everything in the world is goneWhat shall I do to bring it back?”  It never occurs to us to think this way. We know for certain that the world as we know it has simply been momentarily hidden. This point of view results in a state of mind of caution, patience, and gratefulness. We take the action of slowing down, turning on headlights, and carefully driving until we are out of the fog. We don’t have the state of mind that we are responsible to bring the world back and the fear, panic, responsibility, and ego that accompany this state of mind.

Fog in our lives does not change the fact that all we need is present now; it simply hides it from view.  When we shine the light of a point of view that nothing is changed, that omnipresent Love is filling all space and omnipotent Mind is constantly providing for us, the fog lifts to reveal what has never been lost. This is what makes spiritual perception appear to produce practical results.

Years ago I was balancing my check book and discovered that I had about $200 less in my bank than I thought I hadImmediately I panicked. Fog had appeared so often in my life at that time that my state of mind was “oh no, not again” and I was full of fear and a sense of responsibility for the mistake. I began to act from the ego thinking since I caused the problem I must have to do something to fix it.

As I walked home from the bank my state of mind relaxed enough to momentarily think from a spiritual point of view of omnipresent Love.  As I did so it occurred to me that I should check my statement again. When I did, I discovered that the bank had credited a $200 deposit as only $2.00. The fog had lifted and revealed that nothing had changed.

Fog is a mist. In our life it is a mist that clouds over Truth. It reality it is a missed-perception. No matter what the need may appear to be: money, health, love, companionship, or simply feeling happy, we can know that all that we need is present, always has been, always will be. Our perception produces the world that we live in. It doesn’t create it. Our perception, our point of view, simply allows us to see only what we believe to be reality.

As people all over the world appear to struggle with not enough, as we wonder where the rent money, tax money, health, love of our lives, companionship, hope, and peace will come from, we can continue to drive with our headlights of clarity on and maintain our awareness of Truth, knowing that the fog will lift and the world will appear as it really has been all along.

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