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Kids Who See Ghosts

By Caron B. Goode

Brad Steiger’s Lifetime of Ghostly Experiences.

"The quest for absolute proof or completely objective truth may always be unattainable when it seeks to limit our souls." —Brad Steiger.

A true pioneer in the field of parapsychology and psi research is Brad Steiger, the author of over 170 books on paranormal topics. Because of his extensive investigations and personal experience with ghosts, psychics, and paranormal phenomena, I asked Steiger to share his stories and experiences with ghosts and spirits, some of which are also covered in depth in his most recent book, Beyond Shadow World. Steiger shared the reality of spirit walkers with his sister. Were they both psychic? Or does the fact that when they went to bed at night they saw the same ghosts of the old stagecoach prove that these independent entities live in a reality that is just outside the normal range of human vision?

For Brad Steiger and his sister, spirit walkers were simply part of their daily lives. Like a lot of children, Brad believed all spirits were basically good—until one adult experience made him change his mind. He supports parents and kids listening to their instincts and getting help if they do not feel comfortable with what he calls “astral masqueraders.”

Having had such ghost experiences as a child, and after rising to prominence as a paranormal investigator and author, Steiger believes an evolution of consciousness is happening now. I asked Steiger to share his ideas about why more children are seeing ghosts and how he teaches parents to deal with spirits. He voices the questions of three generations and says that the answers to these questions lie within each of our worldviews.

You mentioned today that on the topics of ghosts and spirit walkers, many people believe that these entities are automatically good, or they might all be angels or a very wise grandfather who has passed on and comes back in wisdom. I try always to warn about astral masqueraders, as I call them.

Astral masqueraders—I use the term because my many years of experience have shown that we have to continually test the spirits. Here’s why: The motion picture The Sixth Sense came out, and we all saw the young boy, Cole (Haley Joel Osment), going, “I see dead people.” I was astonished at the number of e-mails I received from parents saying, “I want my child to be able to see dead people.” They thought it was cool that this little boy was seeing dead people. I say I will not in any way participate in such forced development.

Now, if your child is normally and naturally seeing these entities, then be patient. Don’t encourage, but listen to him or her. Don’t ridicule, don’t mock. Listen. He truly may be having mystical or psychic paranormal experiences, but don’t force the child, because the astral masqueraders would love to come in.  It’s the same thing with teenagers and their Ouija boards. I tell them, leave those things alone. And do you know now that a Ouija board for children is available at Toys R Us? Truly.

Childhood Experiences
People often ask me how they can train themselves to contact spirits. I have never tried to contact spirits. They have always contacted me. I have never worked to develop mediumship. I don’t know what it is in my psychological, chemical, or ancestral makeup that combined in my psyche, but I started seeing entities when I was just a child.

My sister and I shared similar experiences. Our home was built on the site of the old stagecoach stop, and according to local legend, that’s where Jesse James and the boys stopped on the way up for the great Northfield, Minnesota, bank raid. The stagecoach stop had been torn down, and our home was built on the original site.

It was common for us to hear the sound of horses coming down the lane and to hear night noises. My sister and I are both insomniacs today, and we joke that it’s because we kept being awakened all night long by the strange people in our bedrooms.  We’d fall asleep after one visitation, and then there would be someone else bending over and staring at us. We would finally fall asleep, and then someone else would walk through the room.  Sometimes they would not pay any attention to us. The interesting thing, more often than not, is that we made eye contact with the spirits at times.

My sister and I saw solid people, wearing essentially formal clothing. Men’s styles really haven’t changed since the Civil War, but the women were wearing clothes that did not seem contemporary to the 1940s when I was growing up. After a time, all of this became normal for my sister and me.

So I grew up feeling that spirit or ghost phenomena are just a normal part of life. We lived out in the country, and I did not see or play with other children other than my sister, who is four years younger than I, until I went to school. I had no way of knowing that this wasn’t what happened to everyone at night.

In other words, in my world, my evening scenario started when night fell. We went to bed, and then people started walking around in the room. There was nothing to tell me otherwise. Of course, as one progresses up the educational ladder, the concept of night visitors is educated out of you, and I came to intellectualize and rationalize the true reality of some visitors.

Excerpt from Kids Who See Ghosts by Caron B. Goode, EdD, NCC
Reprinted with permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.

Kids Who See Ghosts
How to Guide Them Through Fear
Caron B. Goode, Ed.D., NCC
ISBN: 9781578634729
Book (Paperback)
Weiser Books

From the book:
 Ghosts can be children’s best friends, and fear of ghosts can be a providential opportunity for parents and kids to face fears and become empowered.

Is my child psychic? Do all psychic children see ghosts? Are stress and seeing ghosts related? How can we help them not be afraid?

Kids Who Sees Ghosts takes an up close and personal look at kids who see ghosts, the parents who want to help them, the science of perception, and how kids are affected. This is a book that answers questions and offers real tools and guidance. Many children and parents are afraid, some to the point of physical illness. Cautious and concerned parents worry for their children’s fears and educate themselves on how to handle the situationBut Goode teaches that it doesn’t matter whether parents believe in ghosts to know how to help children through frightening experiences.

Bridging the gap from mainstream to the metaphysical, Goode challenges readers to open their minds for the journey through ghost tales and to learn empowerment strategies for their kids. From shamans to psychics to skeptics, Kids Who See Ghosts offers a wide range of viewpoints from such notables as Lynn Andrews, Bruce Lipton, Brad Steiger, P.M.HAtwater, and Donna Seebo. It includes questionnaires for parents, and practical exercises and activities to address fear in a child-friendly manner and teach parents how to:

• Use exceptional thinking to break through fears.
• Start the right conversations early.
• Overcome restrictive thinking.

Caron B. Goode, EdD, NCC, is an inspirational speaker, psychotherapist, trainer of parent coaches, and prolific author. Goode has become a well-respected leader in the parent coaching industry and spiritual coaching. She is also the author of a dozen books, including The Art and Science of Coaching Parents and Raising Intuitive Children

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