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I’m happy to accept article submissions. They need to be original and relevant to personal development, health and wellbeing, creativity and careers, travel, etc. You can visit our Counterpoint Article Library to see the range of topics, format and typical content.

There are two types of article submission:

  1. Guest post - this is published at no cost provided the body text does not include links to third-party websites that have been included for SEO purposes (sponsored links). However, the body text may include one or two purely informational links to your own or third-party sites, or to pages within Trans4mind, and the added About the Author bio details may include links to the author’s home page and social sites.
  2. Sponsored post - this includes do-follow sponsored links to third-party websites for SEO purposes in the body of the article. We charge $40 (payable after posting through PayPal ID for each sponsored post published on the Trans4mind site. If more than 3 per month are submitted, or anticipated to be submitted, the price drops to $30; if more than 5 per month, price drops again to $25.

Please send article text (typically 800-1200 words) in a Word document attached to your email and be sure to include brief bio details and any images that you’d like to include.

When submitting an article to Trans4mind you will, of course, retain your full copyright. You may include a copyright notice in the credits to the article, or not, as you wish - either way, it remains your copyright.

Submitted articles are normally published within 24 hours and they remain online permanently.

By submitting your article to us, you agree to the following:

  • That you have the right to send this article and you are not infringing the rights of any third party.
  • That you will not receive any form of compensation from Trans4mind in exchange for the article.
  • That submission of an article does not in any way guarantee that it will be published on the site.
  • That Trans4mind reserves the right to make minor edits to a submitted article, such as to correct punctuation and grammar, and also to reformat articles that use a separate paragraph for each sentence, as a 'sales copy' approach is not considered appropriate.

Please email me with attachments...

Peter Shepherd, Webmaster of

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