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15 Yoga-Friendly Countries to Visit

Do you know that you can get multiple health benefits by mastering the art of yoga and practising it with consistency? The leading trend of health and fitness has made it currently very much popular in the whole world, yet the following top 15 countries have been promoting it for years. So, let's have an insight look at these yoga friendly countries.


Thailand is a heaven for tourism as it welcomes the world to explore its vibrant Buddhist culture, white sand beaches, ancient temples, multiple traditional festivals, and delicious cuisine. Also, you can find everything here at an affordable price at the top of it, whether that's an air ticket, accommodation, or food. The peaceful and relaxing environment makes the whole country a suitable yoga destination, but Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Phuket are the hub for yoga activities. If you plan your trip between November and January, you will get a chance to meet and learn a lot from yogis from every cast and creed.


The magnificent natural scenery and culture attract people from around the world to explore this Island of God. No place is as majestic as this island for practising yoga, and you can find the breathtaking spots of Bali, Canggu, Ubad, and Seminyak in this land where you can practice with the word renowned Gurus. Bali is also famous for producing most yoga instructors in the world, and some of the gems of this training world also belong to this land. Considering the climatic conditions and heavy rain, the yoga season lasts here from March till July.


Spain is the first country to welcome yoga in Europe. And now they are benefiting the whole world with their professionally trained yoga Gurus. The land is blessed with great weather that makes yoga around the year activity, but the months of March and August are considered favourite by yogis. To make your yoga travel to this land worth remembering, never forget to visit Andalusia, Barcelona, and Canary Island.


It would not be wrong if we claim Indian land to be one of the pioneers of yoga. Apart from being a health and fitness activity, yoga has a particular place in the people's religion there. You can find many priests and gurus practising many asanas with great ease, as yoga is their way of life for years. They even celebrate the International yoga day there, which tells us how much respect they have for this centuries-old practice. Although there are several trainings, sessions and workshops conducted throughout the year but it would be a grand fest for yoga if you visit India between November and December. Also, never forget to explore Goa, Kerala, Rishikesh, and Mysore for yoga learning experience around beautiful beaches, palm trees, and natural landscapes.


The spectacular beaches and warm culture of Portugal make it an incredible yoga and surf retreat. But the scenic beauty here is not the only attraction; the ancient architecture, decadent cuisine, and the warm-hearted people make it perfect for your next yoga destination. The weather here is suitable throughout the year for tourism activity, and the most popular places here are Lisbon, Algarve, Cascais. If you need more reasons to travel to Portugal, you can find them in this blog about Portugal and the Golden Visa portugal.


Want to explore the historic sites, architect, and ancient culture of Italy? What could be an excuse better than improving your yoga by attending some yoga training courses in Italy? The vast range of recreational activities and festivals helps you upgrade your yoga, and if you visit the site in May and July, you can, at the same time, explore the fantastic land to the fullest.


Just like Portugal, Morocco also provides you with one of the best surfing and yoga Platforms. The enchanting landscapes throughout the country are perfect for a mindful yoga and help you relax and meditate while looking at nature's beauty. Due to extreme weather conditions, here, October and January are the most favourable time to enjoy the yoga vacations in the high Mountains, middle of the Deserts, or spectacular Beaches.


Sayulita in Mexico is not a renowned yet extremely attractive yoga retreat for you. If you don't like to undergo some crowded yoga sessions, why not book a Mexico ticket and feel the peace is isolation? You can book a beach hut with the Pacific Ocean view and enjoy surfing, massages, and various healthy activities along with the training yoga sessions conducted by top-class coaching trainers.

Costa Rica

Owing to immense biodiversity, the land of Costa Rica remains the hub of all sorts of yoga activities throughout the year. With the beautiful sunsets, beaches, volcanos, rainforests, oceans, and natural beauty, it can match everyone's taste. The people here have made optimism and positivity a way of their life, which they call Pura Vida that is a new way to practice yoga in everyday routine. This positive vibe is a great inspiration for yogis, and the local Gurus also conduct specific sessions to spread this teaching.

Sri Lanka

Buddhism and Hinduism both religions have a religious history of yoga practices. Sri Lanka is a land with the most ancient temples, believers, and followers of both of these religions. The Ulpotha, located in the middle of the jungle, south coast near Galle and Kahandamodara. They offer you the finest yoga retreats along with the unforgettable beaches, geological formations, and wildlife interaction opportunity that worth choosing it as a yoga vacation destination. If you look for the reasons to visit Sri Lanka, this blog is for you.


Spain is the second-largest country to welcome tourists from around the globe due to its rich historical background. It also offers its visitors a wide range of enlightening programs at Alpujarras Ashram, where you can opt for many physical activities. Along with yoga for a healthy lifestyle, and at Pi Blau, where daily yoga sessions are conducted by experts to help the guest learn an energetic and peaceful way of life.


Greece offers you one of the best yoga retreats along with the beautiful sun sight, sea view, and relaxed atmosphere. With 200 islands, crystal clear seawater, multiple adventure hunts, including hiking, surfing, and scuba diving, Greece is one of the most elite recreational spots. The island of Crete, Kythira, and Paros provides you with multiple opportunities for life-changing yoga sessions.


With the rich religious culture and tremendous tourism activities, Turkey also contributes a lot to promoting the yoga culture by including specific training in many tourism packages. And these sessions are at their peak from May to October when Huzur Vadisi Yoga Retreat is also scheduled to facilitate the tourists with yoga and a healthy way of life, including fishing, swimming, reading, and adopting healthy eating habits.


Croatia is a magical land of ever-loving people provided with the most adventurous opportunities of hiking, sailing, caving, camping, windsurfing, biking, and the list continues. All these, along with the delights of Yoga retreats, make it an ideal destination for your vacations. You can find a number of yoga group activities in the north of Croatia near Rovijn and Dalmatian Island.


If you don't like to do your yoga on a bright sunny day sitting on a beach or in the middle of a jungle, what about getting the insight near a big waterfall, spouting geysers, or beside a giant glacier? Well, Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is full of hundreds of such opportunities and training sessions to help you find inner peace and in soul searching through the yoga teaching. Most of these programs also include the opportunity to explore the area through hiking, camping, and paragliding.

So, select your yoga destination, pack your bags, and book your tickets for the most economical and comfortable travelling experience.

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