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7 Reasons Yacht Charters Are the
Perfect Getaway for Millennials

Yacht Charter

Millennials always do things in an innovative way, and traveling is not any different. Most people belonging to this generation are not interested in pre-planned boring escapes. They want an experience that will have an impact on their lives—something immersive with many activities, good food and unique views. Simply, Millennials want a vacation that’s unique and not afraid to stray off the beaten track. That’s why Millennials and yacht charters are a match made in heaven!

Yacht charters check all of the boxes Millennials put in front of them—offer exclusive services, great food, interesting destinations and plenty of opportunities to be active and healthy. It’s time to look at these reasons in-depth and you will definitely be tempted to rent a boat right now.

World exploration

Today, traveling the world by public transportation or plain is definitely not recommended. Since the pandemic started, one of the best ways to travel has been by sea since it provides minimal contact between groups of people yet it provides a lot of freedom. You can hit the most beautiful destinations thanks to your yacht charter and explore hidden beaches, stop at exclusive ports and experience the vastness of the open sea.

When it comes to the choice of destination, you can go basically anywhere you want. No matter if you’re looking for a great beach hopping destination (choose the Caribbean), want to enjoy some beautiful views (Sardinia), want to see some exotic wildlife (Galapagos) or go very extreme and see nothing but frozen water (Antarctica), you will find something that tickles your fancy. Some of the best new ‘it’ destinations for Millennials are Montenegro, St. Vincent and Grenadines and the Balearic Islands.

Fun activities

Millennials would take a JEEP tour through the dunes over lounging at the resort any day, so it’s important to have many activities available when catering to this group of people. Luckily, yachts provide plenty of opportunity for adventure. Most models of vessels have a stash of water toys you can use. Sea bobs, paddleboards, kayaks and even jet skis are often included. Some yachts have tenders too, so you can explore undiscovered beaches, island hop and waterski. And you can also often find snorkeling, diving and fishing gear on board too.


A yacht charter provides you with various levels of customization. First of all, you can choose from many different yacht models.In most cases, 50-60 foot range is what satisfies most Millennials, since it can fit in every marina, the price is right and you will have enough space for a perfect friends/family vacation. It’s even easy to find 50 to 60 foot motor yachts for sale so you always know your favorite boat is at your disposal. Yachting also allows you to choose your destination, the length of your vacation and onboard experience.

Great food

Millennials are very experimental, especially when it comes to food. They love to try any gourmet meal and many even take long trips to try specific foods. Luckily, you can expect diverse dining experiences on your yacht charter prepared by a trained chef who can whip up a five-course tasting menu without a problem. Or are you more in the mood for some wine tasting? Your servers will provide you with a completely unique culinary experience.

Exclusive service

Speaking of service, it can be truly otherworldly onboard a yacht charter. Your interior crew will be there to cater to your every need from handling drink orders to making Michelin-star meals and handling transportation requests. On the other hand, your deck crew will handle all your above-deck needs from setting up a slide to giving you a ride to the port.


Millennials hate wasting time, and they use every moment to grow and learn. In most cases, you can learn many things while yachting and most crew members are willing to help your education. For instance, if you rent a sailing yacht or are planning to buy a new yachts for sale, you can learn to sail on your vacation. Your crew will offer the best hands-on sailing learning experience, just make sure to let them know you’re interested. The on-board crew also knows a lot about the local excursions and culture, so if you want to take a class when you embark, you can rely on your crew to book your learning experiences.


Millennials are the most eco-conscious generation, so having a green vacation is also one of their priorities. Luckily, there are green yacht charter options that allow people to have a fun adventure with as little impact on the environment as possible. You can consider renting a sailing yacht or a catamaran which use the power of the wind to take you across the sea. You can also order a green sailing experience that includes no plastic bottles and single-use items but focuses on locally sourced cuisine and recycled materials.

Yachting allows you to experience finer things in life and feel like a superstar. Honestly, no matter your age, there’s no vacation like a yacht charter, so make sure to consider it for your next travel adventure.

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