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What Is Worth Seeing in Japan?
The Most Popular Tourist Attractions


Japan is a unique place both in terms of history and culture and in terms of tourist attractions. Europeans often choose Japan as a somewhat exotic destination, very different from Western resorts. What should you look out for when you choose top bitcoin casino in Japan? What tourist attractions should you look out for when planning a holiday in the Land of Cherry Blossoms?

Japan - what is worth seeing?

In almost every corner of Japan there are extraordinary attractions lurking, which are worth seeing while you are there. Satisfied will be both tourists who seek relaxation and beautiful views, and those seeking thrills, culinary experiences or cultural differences. It is worth taking into account the time of year in which you are planning your holiday.

Snow Festival in Sapporo

One of the most interesting attractions recommended during the winter season is the Sapporo Snow Festival. During the festival, which has been held since 1950, every second half of February you can see an exhibition of spectacular sculptures made of snow and ice. The festival has grown steadily over its 60 years, and now has an international reputation and attracts visitors from all over the world.

Senmaida rice fields

In spring, however, it is worth going to the shore of the Sea of Japan to admire the thousands of Senmaida rice fields, terraced down the hill. In spring, the rice fields fill with water, making the Noto peninsula famous for its breathtaking views. It is one of the most popular natural attractions in Japan.

Japan's tourist attractions - Tokyo

Very often the choice of destination during the holiday of Europeans falls on the capital of Japan - Tokyo. This place alone abounds in many tourist attractions not found anywhere else - so it can be an excellent alternative to long trips requiring travel. Among the most popular attractions in the capital of the Land of the Cherry Blossom are Sanja Temple, Kaminari Mon Gate in Asakusa, Sensoji Temple and Ueano Park.

Fashionable shopping and beautiful views

Tourists who want to go shopping in Tokyo will also be satisfied - trendy places such as Ginza, Shibuya, Tsukiji fish market or Akihabara - a district of shops and electronics stalls await them. For fans of unforgettable views, there is the Tokyo Sky Tree, located in the Sumida district. At 634 metres, it is currently the tallest such structure in the world. Equally attractive is Odaiba Island, which can be reached by the Yuri Kamome Railway. The artificial island in Tokyo Bay is connected to the city centre by the Rainbow Bridge. If you visit the island in the evening, you can see an unforgettable view of the city illuminated in the darkness.

The Imperial Palace

When visiting Tokyo, it is impossible to miss one of the main tourist attractions, which is the Imperial Palace - the residence of the Emperor of Japan. The palace is located in the Chiyoda district, and its total area is comparable to New York's Central Park - 341 hectares. Although most of the palace is off-limits to the public, guided tours of the Imperial Court Agency are available two days a year (23 December and 2 January). An additional attraction is the imperial family, who honour tourists with their presence by appearing on the palace terrace.

Tourist attractions near Tokyo

Once you have finished exploring the Japanese capital, head to the surrounding areas to enjoy popular tourist attractions near Tokyo. You can admire the beauty of nature in the city of Kamakura or Hakone - situated at the foot of Mount Fuji, surrounded by the Five Lakes area (Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park). Near Tokyo is Hiroshima, where you can visit the Peace Museum, dedicated to the tragic events of World War II (the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

What to visit in Japan? - Kyoto

One of the most popular destinations in Japan, besides Tokyo, is Kyoto. Situated on the western side of the island of Honsiu, this unique city provides many attractions for tourists from all over the world. In Kyoto, you can admire the Golden and Silver Pavilions - symbols of Japan. The Silver Pavilion (Ginkakuji) was built in 1482 as the summer residence of Shogun Yoshimitsu Ashikaga. The Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji, Rokuon-ji), on the other hand, is a Zen temple built in 1397 as a villa which the Shogun's son transformed into a Buddhist temple connected with the Rinzai school.

Japan - unlimited tourism opportunities

When planning a trip to Japan we should especially take into account the time at our disposal. The number of attractions allows you to plan a holiday even in one city in such a way that visitors do not run out of impressions.

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