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Sites Listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO

Planning a vacation to an exotic location? Explore the world's most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the Temple of Heaven in Cambodia to the Chinese imperial tombs, the list of incredible sights is endless. This guide will help you decide which one will be the most memorable and fulfilling. Read on for more information. We'll touch on the most important sites to visit in each country. Read on to discover the most famous 메이저사이트 around the world.

World Heritage Sites

Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is one of the best-preserved ancient architectural complexes in China. It is comprised of several magnificent buildings, such as the Qian Hall, a 38-meter-tall triple-gable pavilion with a marble stone base. Its architecture draws on the Ming and Qing dynasties. The building also contains an abundance of trees and is an excellent example of the harmony between nature and man.

The Imperial Vault of Heaven is a circular building with a double-evade roof, located in the south of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. It is supported by 16 wooden pillars and is surrounded by a wooden structure. Inside, the roof is decorated with blue-green patterns and features a golden sphere. The walls are smooth, so sound travels easily. The Imperial Vault of Heaven is the largest and most elaborate building in the Temple of Heaven.

Angkor Wat

The main temple of Angkor Wat is orientated towards the west rather than the east. It is a major site because many believe it was constructed as a funerary temple. The order of the bas-reliefs is counter-clockwise, which is contrary to the order of Hindu funeral rituals. In contrast, other temples in Angkor were built to face the east.

The temple complex is surrounded by a moat that extends for more than three miles. This water preserves the foundation of the temple, and it is the main access point. The main entrance is on the west, through a stone causeway guarded by lions. Earlier, the western gateway had eight towers that may have been shrines before the temple was completed. The east entrance was less elaborate and contained a single tower.

Chinese imperial tombs

One of the most important 메이저사이트 of ancient Chinese culture is the complex of Chinese imperial tombs. These colossal tombs were built underground and resemble the grand lifestyle of their rulers. They were decorated with jade and pearls and adorned with elaborate sculptures. During their reign, the emperors buried their loved ones in these tombs. Today, these tombs still serve as major sites of historical interest.

One of the major sites of Chinese imperial tombs is the Ming Xian Ling, the largest single imperial tomb. The tomb covers an area of 450 acres and includes the Sacred Way, a corridor of stone statues, water channels, and ponds. It is the largest of the five-Ming Imperial Tombs. Once inside, visitors will be enchanted by the ancient treasures carved into the walls.

World Heritage Sites

Pyramid of Kukulkan

The pyramid is said to be sacred and is visited by the feathered serpent god Kukulkan, also known as Quetzalcoatl. He is said to visit the site twice a year, during the time of day and night balance, to offer his blessing for a full harvest and good health. In addition, it is believed that a handicap at the base of the pyramid produces a chirping echo, a resemblance to the sacred quetzal bird's call.

Another important site in Chichen Itza is the Pyramid of Kukulkan, also known as El Castillo. This massive stone pyramid dates to about 1000 AD and is 78 feet tall, with 365 steps leading up to its top platform. The pyramid features two serpent heads and is decorated with jaguar relief panels and round shields. In the early 2000s, access to the pyramid was restricted to certain groups, but the top of the grand pyramid could still be viewed from nearby ruin sites.

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