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Why You Should Visit IKEA Tebrau (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)?

IKEA filled a critical void in the lives of almost all do-it-yourselfers, even those from Singapore and Malaysia. We are pleased to announce the opening of an IKEA Johor Bahru shop. The Pasir Gudang and Senai Desaru Expressways are both easily accessible to this IKEA store. Woodlands is approximately 30 minutes away.

On 17th November 2017, the outlet opened in Johor Bahru (Malaysia). It was a popular destination during the holiday season. IKEA is well-known for their modern furniture and appliances. They have in-house professionals who can help.

You might notice that almost all of their furniture designs feature an eco-friendly theme. IKEA is known for its focus on quality control and continuous product development. IKEA products are affordable for most families.

These are some facts about IKEA that will make Tebrau a fun place to visit when you visit Tebrau.

Owns 54 non-repeating display rooms

There are 54 showrooms that you can visit with different styles and designs in IKEA Tebrau.

No matter if you're a minimalist, Scandinavian or modern-chic lover, IKEA Tebrau has something for you.

Every area in IKEA Tebrau’s showroom has a sales desk where a specialist is always available there to assist every of the customers regarding their questions or to offer some useful home furnishing advice.

If you're interested in furnishing your whole house or a room, you can book an appointment with IKEA Tebrau's furniture consultants to help you design your dream home.

Everything at IKEA Tebrau has a price tag. These tags are very useful and provide important information such as size, color, workmanship, measurements, features, and how to care for the furniture. Large items can be identified by tags that tell you where they are located in the self-service furniture area.

These areas are divided into four distinct areas

IKEA Tebrau can be divided into four areas: the showroom, marketplace and self-service warehouse, as well as checkout.


This is the area where you can see assembled IKEA furniture. It is located at the top of IKEA Tebrau. You can consider these showrooms as huge home furnishing exhibits.

This allows customers to feel at home, including the ability to lay on the beds and the sofas. They can also take photos with the furniture. Each of the showrooms are made entirely from IKEA products. This gives you inspiration for lighting, decorating, and furnishing your home.


IKEA Tebrau’s marketplace is, as the name suggests, a market hall that brings together a wide range of home products from specialty stores.

You will find everything you need for decorating your home here, including rugs, linens, clocks, and picture frames. You can also find kitchen ware and soft plushies here, which make a wonderful gift for others or to keep for yourself.

You will also be able find unique home lighting at a reasonable price during the lighting session. IKEA and RIGGAD have teamed up this time to bring you their award-winning work lamp and lights, the iF Design Award.

Their latest technology is focused, powerful, and adjustable light. The phone can also be charged wirelessly from the wireless area.

Self Service Warehouse

You will pass the self-service area on your way to the checkout. Here you can pick up flat-packed furniture items that you saw in the showrooms. IKEA believes that customers should pick up their purchases.

You will be stunned at the large selection of packaged and boxed furniture on this section's wide range of racks.

You will need to trace the serial number that you have jotted down earlier, and then grab them before you proceed to the checkout. You will also need a trolley. You can find many trolleys and carts at IKEA Tebrau to help you bring your furniture to your car.

IKEA Tebrau will keep its prices down if you are able to do simple tasks like picking up your items and assembling them at home. Have a deal? You can always count on someone to help you.

Check out

This is the final section of IKEA Tebrau, where you can make payments for your furniture and goods. If staff are busy, self-check out is an option.

I recommend going to IKEA TEBRAU to shop for furniture and small decorations. There are so many items inside! You have the option to take a taxi from Singapore to JB (Johor Bahru), such as SGMYTRIPS. This will save you time and ensure that you can bring back your purchased goods to Singapore.

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