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Why Thailand is your Next Travel Adventure
— 8 Exciting Facts

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Thailand is known for more than simply its gorgeous beaches. The nation is also known for its magnificent rural areas that, while appearing to be in the middle of nowhere, cater exceedingly well to tourists. You may simply discover accommodations and tours, whether you are seeking a calm place to stay or a rural experience.

Here are some amazing facts about Thailand that are unique and exciting:

1. Thailand's Favorite Their Royal Household

Visit Thailand

The Thai people hold their royal family with the highest regard, which is fortunate because criticizing or disrespecting any kingdom member is deemed treason.

In Thailand, Mother's Day is observed on the Queen's birthday, while Father's Day is celebrated on the King's birthday, with both days being observed by Thais across the country in honor of their beloved rulers.

2. Bangkok Was Known as the "Venice of the East"

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The view from a river taxi in Bangkok, Thailand. At Pratunam Pier, there is a transportation boat. Many individuals choose to work on a ship. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.

While talking about Bangkok/Krung Thep, did you know that the city used to be constructed on stilts over canals? These rivers, or 'khlongs,' functioned as the city's principal traffic and transportation arteries, much as they did in Venice. Most of these canals have already been filled, but there are still floating markets on the city's fringes for tourists and residents to enjoy.

3. Every Meal Includes Rice

Rice is such a typical food in Thailand that it is classified as a separate category. It's a part of each meal, including breakfast, rather than a sort of food.

'Have you eaten rice?' is a famous greeting, while 'I want to eat rice' is a direct translation of 'I want to eat rice.'

Visit Thailand

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4. Approximately 95% of Thais Are Buddhists

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Although Thailand does not have an official religion, Buddhism is practiced by over 95% of the population. The Thai King, as the "protector of the faith," must always be a Buddhist.

The 15-foot-tall golden statue of Phra Phuttha Maha Suwana Patimakon has to be one of Thailand's most magnificent sights. Even though robbers have stolen from temples for ages, this statue was covered in plaster and spared.

This is the Buddha statue to see if you only see one, not least because it's worth millions of dollars and weighs a whopping 5.5 tonnes. Wat Traimit in Bangkok is where you'll find it.

5. Thais Use Spoons and Forks to Eat

Visit Thailand

The lack of chopsticks is typically surprising to first-time visitors to Thailand. But the fact is that Thais exclusively eat Chinese food with chopsticks.

A spoon is their primary utensil for eating and chopping, whereas a fork is used to press food onto their spoon.

6. Europeans Never Colonised Thailand

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Random entertaining facts may be informative, as this extraordinary effort demonstrates.

Thailand was never colonized by Europeans, unlike its Southeast Asian neighbors Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Thailand's Thai name, Prathet Thai, literally translates to "Land of the Free."

7. Every Day, the National Anthem Is Performed Twice

Visit Thailand

Be prepared to stand up, stop your actions, and remain silent while the national anthem plays in a public area at 8 a.m. or 6 p.m. When the Thai flag is raised or lowered at these times, it is considered impolite to chat or remain sitting while the anthem is playing. It's also worth noting that the Thai National Anthem is played before each film. Make sure you stand up and view the accompanying video while remaining silent.

8. Cockroaches Deep-Fried Are Their Favorite Snack

Visit Thailand

However, some Thai dishes, such as deep-fried cockroaches and other insects, require more acclimation. Many visitors try them out for a dare on Khao San Road, but they're not a gimmick, as many outsiders believe. Thais eat fried insects the same way Americans eat candy or potato chips at fairs and marketplaces around the country.

Your Takeaway

Thailand is a fascinating nation, as these amusing facts about Thailand demonstrate new experiences and lifetime memories that you will take along. If learning about this unique part of Southeast Asia has piqued your interest, make plans to visit Thailand in person soon.

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