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Why Visit to Nepal?


Trekking has been one of the utmost important tasks of tourists in the beautiful natural area in Nepal. More than hundreds of thousands of tourist influxes in Nepal to enjoy nature and the marvelous landscapes. It is the fact that Nepal has been able to attract trekkers from all around the world for very long. In the 1960s, Col Jimmy Roberts organized the first commercial trek in Nepal. Nepal is a rich country in terms of natural resources, tourism has been one of the leading economic sources. Visiting on the lap of Himalayas has been the big dream for every trekker, it is the buzzing question for those people who are always seeking new experiences and want to explore the natural beauty.

There is a countless number of adventure activities in Nepal that you can do in various parts of Nepal. You can enjoy the diverse trekking trails that could not be found in other parts of the world. Whether it be short hiking or month-long trekking there are numerous options to fulfill you’re traveling zeal. It is always a delightful experience to travel through valleys, high mountain passes.

Nepal is the best destination in the world

If you have decided to visit Nepal this year, then I must congratulate you on making the best decision in your lifetime. To help your decision and suggesting the best tourist destination. there are lots of trekking and travel agency in different parts of the country. You will get full of practical information for making your trip extraordinary. There are various top reasons to convince you why you should travel to this beautiful nation.

To list out some, Stunning Mountains, ancient cities, spiritual sites, Jungles, and pristine environment, etc are the major wonders of Nepal visit. I am sure that these beautiful wonders would not let you regret making your Nepal visit decision. However, the incredible natural scenery is the very obvious reason why tourists are attracted to Nepal. Not only this has the soaring and sparkling Himalayan Mountains offer various recreational and adventurous activities that make you feel enjoyed.

You would also be provided with the best wildlife viewing opportunities from the steamy plains bordering India. And you can find the perfect list of outdoor activities around the beautiful city Pokhara.

From the time you step your foot on the Nepali soil, you would have a spiritual feeling. This proves that It is intangible. The hospitality environment provided by Nepalese people would make you feel special. Snowy peaks of the Himalayan Mountains, terraced farming, and beautiful dynamic creatures are the major reasons why Nepal stood out amongst all the other nations.


Get the best trekking experience

It is structurally small in size whereas it is rich and extended with natural beauty. I would like to assure you that you would have a perfectly different experience by visiting Nepal. Nepal is always more than happy to invite and serve nature lovers with its natural resources. So get out of your comfort zone and be ready to accumulate the best experience in your life. Besides these, other popular regions for trekking are Langtang, Manang and Mustang region, Kanchanjunga region. If you are an adventure lover and challenge seeker then you are blessed with the challenging great Himalayan trails, other extensive trails system.

Below are some of the top reasons to go to Nepal

World tallest mountain & best trekking route

Nepal is known as the country of Himalayas as it possesses dozens of high mountains. World’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest lies in Nepal, which is why every year people from all around the world visit. The most beautiful scenery and the world’s biggest mountain, Mount Everest, lies here. Everest base camp trek  is a challenging task and one needs to be physically strong to accomplish this arduous journey. The world’s best & most beautiful trekking route Annapurna region also lies here. The trekking trails to this region are other highlights of trekking in Nepal. Besides these, other popular trekking trails are Upper Mustang trek, Manaslu Trek, Makalu Trek, etc. When you go to the altitude of 5364 m you will be encountered with the best mountain vistas. This is the reason why Nepal is called as the trekker’s paradise.

UNESCO World Heritage sites

Nepal has various natural and artificial gifts. Thus, it is also marked as the home to various UNESCO world heritage site. Out of all the heritage sites of the world that are listed in UNSECO World heritage sites, 10 of them lies in Nepal. Among them, 7 UNESCO World Heritage site lies inside the Kathmandu valley. These heritage sites are the major reasons for visit here.

Those people who are coming to Nepal will enjoy a lot after visiting all of the sites and mastering the ancient and historical history of those sites. Pashupatinath Temple(major temple of lord shiva), Bouddhanath stupa, Sagarmatha national park, Chitwan National Park, Kathmandu Durbar square, Patan Durbar square, Swyambunath Stupa, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Lumbini, and Changu Narayan Temple are the world heritage sites lying in Nepal. This beautiful asset can be a boon for keen travelers.

You can learn cultural and religious importance from religious sites. And you can also get knowledge of the ancient arts and crafts from the ancient building. Besides these various dynamic creatures and endangered species are kept in National parks for their preservation. Thus, those who love to explore new and unique experiences can visit Nepal and get a plethora of advantages. by visiting, world heritage sites are the main reason why go to Nepal.

Visit Lumbini (the birthplace of Lord Buddha)

Nepal consist of a famous Buddhists Pilgrimage site, that is located in the Rupandehi district, Nepal called Lumbini. Lumbini is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. This place holds the history of Lord Buddha and the origination of Buddhism. Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautam in Lumbini, this is why this place is considered as the holy place. Gautam Buddha lived roughly between 623 and 543 BCE and he founded d Buddhism as Gautama Buddha.

He teaches various disciplines to his followers. Maya Devi temple which was discovered a few years ago is the major highlight of this trip. It is the spot where Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Lord Buddha in around 563 BC. The holy garden is adjoining with this temple and has great importance as well. Lumbini preserves historical significant materials and facts. Lumbini possesses many new monasteries that are occupied by various nations. You can explore the dynamic environment and enjoy yourself. this is best place for Buddhism for why go to Nepal.

Lumbini Mayadevi Temple

Endangered species and Sighting/Bird watching

Nepal comprises a diverse collection of flora and fauna. Nepal consists of a tremendous number of rare animals due to their geographical and topographic variation. This is a sad fact that Nepal does not have any natural habitats for wildlife. However, the government of Nepal has specified some of the areas as the wildlife reserves area, national parks, and sanctuary to protect various endangered species available in the nation. Of them, Chitwan National park and SagarmathaNational Park are enlisted in UNESCO World heritage sites. The spiny bladder is a rare and unique animal that is also found in Nepal. Not only this, wildlife has a great contribution in the field of tourism. Other than that, Musk deer, One-horned rhinoceros, Himalayan Black bear, Asiatic elephant, etc are some of the other rare species encountered in Nepal. There is an abundance of wildlife and bird-watching destinations in the plain region of Nepal.

Stunning Mountain Views and Landscapes

Nepal being the home to dozens of sparkling mountains are the key reason for a traveler to visit Nepal. Also, out of 10 tallest mountains which are above 8000 meters, 8 mountains lie inside Nepal. Isn’t it Beautiful? Yes, we must be proud that we live in the country of stunning Himalayas. Best hiking, mountaineering, trekking, paragliding are the major adventure activities you must try in Mountain region. These are the perfect array of outdoor activities that most of the adventure lovers seek. Annapurna region and Everest region are the major trekking destination for enthusiastic travelers who want to explore the beauty of nature.

Mountains here are really exciting and walking on the Lap of the giant Himalayan peak. you will have a Dream Come true experience. Despite these different spectacular Landscapes and pleasant environments are the added beauty to this vistas. What is the matter of wonder is that each of the 4 seasons in Nepal portrays different characteristics and exposes colorful landscapes so that no traveler would felt regret by visiting that place.

Experience the cultural variety

Nepal possessing the title of a multilingual and multicultural country. It would be not possible for you to escape from experiencing the cultural variety of Nepal. I assure you that you will enjoy the variety of stunning attractions. Nepal surely is the country that has an ethnically diverse flavor, based on its small territory. You would get to know and experience the unique culture, traditions while your visit to Nepal. Also, you can take part in various cultural festivals and get insights into the people of various regions. Thus, exploring and learning religious traditions, cultural dress and other customs of people from various parts of the world are unique and special experiences you can have in your visit.

Quality Service (Lodging/Unique cuisines and transportation)

Your holiday or any journey is successful if you are fully enjoying the level of the services you will get. Thus travel is always great with the Quality Service. Status of Comfortable lodging, unique food and transportation comes under Quality Service. Thus Nepal is always looking forward to providing you quality service so that you can enjoy your Nepal tour to the fullest. There are top-level hotels in Kathmandu such as Hotel Yak and Yeti, Hotel Jampa, Soaltee Hotel, Hyatt Hotel, Dwarika hotel, Hotel Mountain, Annapurna Hotel, etc where you can have the best and luxurious facilities that give you the feeling of a homely and comfortable environment.

Not only this, the delightful and unique food served there would make your mind fresh and energized. Especially Newari food, Unique Nepali food, are the best cuisines to try in your Nepal Visit. Nepal’s visit is very cheap in terms of transportation. Be it be Airlines or any roadways transportation you can enjoy the scenic view at a very reasonable price. Good luck with enjoying the dual advantage. Thus there are a plethora of comfortable accommodations you can stay in.


All in all, Nepal is into three different regions based upon its altitude, Terai, Himalayan, and Hilly region. Each of these regions portrays different characteristics. The lowest point in Nepal starts from 59 m above the sea level, which is Terai whereas the highest point in Nepal is 8848 m (Mount Everest). It is no doubt that Nepal is the ideal place for adventure, religious, spiritual and cultural encounters. There are multiple options to choose for you in Nepal, such as trekking, short hiking, mountaineering, rafting, jungle safari, luxurious trekking, etc. Not only this, you will enjoy the diverse terrains and can enroll in the ethnic and cultural celebrations that occur in different parts of the country.

Above the Himalaya would be more than happy to serve with the best features and services and ensure your Nepal visit trip to make the lifetime memorable trip.

Happy Journey!!!!!!!!

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