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US Immigrant Status: What It Means and What To Know

US Immigrant Status

You might have considered a move abroad in order to seek out a better life. After all, immigration is at a record high right now, with nearly 1 million people becoming permanent residents.

But what's the best way to get started? Each immigration path is different and has its own pros and cons.

To that end, let's take a look at what U.S. immigrant status is, what it means, and how you might benefit from it.

Different Types of U.S. Immigrant Status

Depending on one's individual situation, an individual may qualify for one of these statuses. The main categories of immigrant status include legal permanent residents (LPRs), undocumented immigrants, political refugees, and temporary visitors.

An LPR is a person who is legally allowed to live and work in the United States. An undocumented immigrant is a person who is living in the United States without authorization and has not been granted permission to stay permanently. Political refugees are individuals who have been granted asylum or refugee status by the U.S. government.

Finally, a temporary visitor may stay in the United States for a limited period of time for the purpose of travel, business, or enjoyment. 

Eligibility Requirements of U.S. Immigrant Status

Generally, an applicant must have a job offer or job skills that are highly needed in the U.S., be a relative of a U.S. citizen, apply for asylum and/or refugee status, or have made a significant investment in the U.S. economy. The applicant must also be a law-abiding person who has committed no violent crimes and must not be likely to become a public charge.

Furthermore, they will need to pass a health and character test, as well as submit biometrics and a background check. Understanding all of these eligibility requirements is essential for any individual looking to be granted U.S. citizenship.

Benefits of U.S. Immigrant Status

As an immigrant, you are eligible for the same government benefits and programs as any other U.S. citizen. You may be able to obtain government-funded medical insurance and other assistance, as well as receive a visa for employment, education, and social services.

You also may qualify for Social Security, veterans benefits, and other tax-saving programs and has the right to vote.

Preparing for U.S. Immigration Interviews

U.S. Immigrant status is an important factor when it comes to the process of preparing for U.S. immigration interviews. Check out this helpful article to know what type of visa you are applying for and what the eligibility requirements are is important to know how to properly prepare for the interview.

Processing of U.S. Immigrant Status 

The United States offers different possibilities for immigrants. Knowing what type of status applies to you and the rules that govern it can help you navigate the U.S. immigration process successfully. Take a step today to learn more and find out what you need to know to better understand your own U.S. immigrant status.

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