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UniCredit Tower Milan –
The Biggest Building of Italy

UniCredit Tower Milan

Over time, with more and more industrialization and globalization, modern technology has taken over almost all areas of life. Ranging from food to medicine and automobile to industries, nothing is left that hasn't been a part of it. Pulling things to extreme, modern technology has undoubtedly been an advantage to this world and its people.

Going back a few centuries, buildings were simple and small as per the need. Bricks covered in cement and popped up with a few lights were all that you got to see. However, as new discoveries were made in the field of technology, things started to change.

Now we get to see buildings touching sky covered with hundreds of different floors, getting high up in the sky. Illuminated with thousands of lights, different colours at different places as per the need, gives vibes accordingly.

Just like this, one of the largest buildings in Italy, UNICREDIT Tower Milan, is no less than an attraction for people from all over the world. But for what reasons? Let's find out.


The UniCredit Tower Milan, also known as the Torre UNICREDIT, is a tall building more of a skyscraper located in Milan, a beautiful city of Italy. The construction was started in 2009 and was completed in 2011, however, and the opening was not conducted till 2012.

The Building is owned by UNICREDIT, which is the reason for its name also. UNICREDIT is Italy's largest bank by assets and also a part of the larger development of new residential and business structures in Milan's Porta Nuova district. The building is basically UNICREDIT'S headquarters.

The Tower is designed by César Pelli and a well knows architect throughout Italy as well as the whole world for his magnificent designs. It was developed by the Hines Italy Company. The estimated labour cost in 2009 was US$3.15billion, and the infrastructure cost in 2015 was US$4.05billion, topping the total cost up to US$7.2billion.

The tower holds a height of 231 meters, which is 758ft, which makes it the tallest building throughout Italy. It has 31 floors in total. The year it was opened, 2012, Emporis ranked it 8th largest in terms of aesthetics and functional design.


The UNICREDIT Tower is made entirely of steel and glass. The tower is mainly a mixture of workspace and residential areas, also regarded as "regrouping of the spaces." This is also a form of consolidation of the number of locations and decentralization of offices to save up on space while serving for all the purposes. This innovative design provides new standards of space occupancy and a sustainable way of it.

UNICREDIT Tower is at the heart of the largest urban redevelopment operations ever completed in the centre of Milan. Thanks to the proximity of three different subway lines, the underground rail link system, and high-speed rail service, The UNICREDIT Tower is easy to reach from any part of Milan.


Though the tower itself attracts everyone with its magnificent design and reflective glazing that plays with light, one of the most important things is the spire attached to it.

The spire is completely covered in LEDs coupled with constant night lighting. This not only provides attraction as it illuminates, but the lighting is also arranged in different colours occasionally according to the recurrence.

In 2013, it was lit green to represent a Christmas tree during the Christmas season, and during the 14th and 15th of June 2014, it was lit red to celebrate 150 years of Italian Red Cross. One of the usual combinations is the Italian flag.

Moreover, the glass panels and reflective glazing design of the building also creates interesting dynamics between the Tower and the surrounding buildings. 

All this is making it an interesting place for tourists and visitors to take into consideration when visiting the place, being a reason for its popularity and ranking also.

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