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5 Himalayan Treks With the Most Stunning Views

The famous naturalist John Muir once said ‘Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.’

How well it would be for you to do this on the journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. Helping you along this way, we have put together the list of five stunning treks taking you into the heart of the Himalayas which we think are the best you will find.

1. Goecha La Trek - Through the Eyes of a Mountain


The mountains are calling and I must go, quotes John Muir. And once you complete the Goecha La Trek in Sikkim, this is the feeling that will come true for you. There are fourteen summits to be seen along this ten-day trek and the most breathtaking is the mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. Taking you across the Himalayan ranges of Sikkim, the sunrise over Kanchenjunga, and the varying landscapes are spellbinding, to say the least. The rhododendron forests lush with pink and red blooms and the Samiti Lake whose still waters reflect Mount Pandim are worth every step you climb.

Find Goechala trek information here.

Highlights: Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Pandim, Samiti Lake, Goecha La View Point, Yuksom

Region: West Sikkim
Max. Altitude: 15,100 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Season: March to April and September to December
Distance Covered: 61 km
Duration of Trek: 10 Days

2. Miyar Valley Trek - Uncharted territory

Miyar Valley

“I took the one less travelled by and that made all the difference” – Robert Frost. And it is so true about the Miyar Valley trek. Spread across the mountains in Himachal Pradesh, this trek is often said to be a walk in the mountains. Set in the region of Lahaul, the Miyar valley is a vast meadow of flowers. This trek, known as the “Yosemite of Himalayas”, is largely a walk across grasslands, mountain streams, moraine, boulders, and glaciers. There are several emerald green glacial lakes that will take your breath away. As you walk along the Miyar nala, you will find the lush green farmlands of twelve villages. Dotted along the trek are quaint Himalayan orchids.

The Miyar River meets the Chandra Bhaga river which along with the Trilokinath are popular pilgrim points in the region. Multiple glaciers are fed by these rivers till the Kang La Jot which lies at 17000 feet. Being off the beaten track, the Miyar Valley trek is a delight for those seeking solitude and peace.

Highlights: Seven crystal green lakes, Snout of the 24km long Miyar Glacier, Manali

Region: Lahaul
Max. Altitude: 13,100 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Season: May, June, September, October
Distance Covered: 60 km
Duration of Trek: 8 Days

3. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek - Between the Lakes and the Peaks

Buran Ghati

“The lake and the mountains have become my landscape, my real world” – Georges Simenon.

Counted as one of the most beautiful treks in India, the Kashmir great lakes trek encompasses seven emerald blue glacial lakes, vast meadows, forests of maple and pine, high passes, patches of snow across the mountains and grassy fields and wildflower fields which look like manicured gardens. The lakes you will explore are Vishnusar and Kishansar twin lakes, Gangabal Lakes, Gadsar Lake, Satsar Lake and many other smaller lakes along the way.

This trek has the change in altitudes with a series of ascents and descents that can be difficult for first-timers. But taking you to the heart of Kashmir through the picture-perfect valleys and the crystal clear blue lakes surrounded by mountains, this trek is a photographer’s paradise and a nature enthusiast’s dream. The added advantage of exploring the ever so glamorous Srinagar after the trek is the perfect gift anyone can ever ask for. No wonder Kashmir is known as the Paradise on Earth.

Highlights: Emerald blue lakes, Nichnai and Gadsar Pass, Srinagar, Sonmarg.

Region: Kashmir
Max. Altitude: 13,700 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Season: June to September
Distance Covered: 69 km
Duration of Trek: 8 Days

4. Buran Ghati Trek - One for the Adventure Enthusiast

If you were to put all the Himalayan Treks together into one, the Buran Ghati Trek would be the one trek. Made for experienced trekkers and adventure enthusiasts, this epic trek has rappelling down the Buran Ghati Pass as one of its thrills, along with snow slides! Encompassing forests, mountains, meadows and villages, the descent to the village of Barua feels like time travel.

Starting from alluring meadows, pretty grasslands, variety of flora and fauna, stunning campsites, a sacred lake namely the Chandraharan Lake to a thrilling pass crossing, the Buran Ghati Trek is a complete package. If you are a hardcore thrill seeker and an avid trekker this is one trek you need to cross off your bucket list.

Highlights: Chandraharan Lake, Gunas Pass, Litham campsite, Buran Ghati Pass,

Ice wall rappel
Region: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Max. Altitude: 15,060 ft
Difficulty: Difficult
Season: May to October
Duration of Trek: 7 Days

5. Pin Parvati Pass Trek - The Trans-Himalayan Trek

Pin Parvati

If you are on the path of self-discovery and want to push your body beyond its limits, the Pin Parvati Pass trek is one you must attempt. The Pin Parvati pass connects the Parvati valley in Kullu to the Pin valley in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. Set at 17,457 ft, the trek across this pass is a life-defining experience. This is a difficult trek made for a seasoned trekker, all with adventure, beauty and achievement wrapped up. One can see all that the Himalayas has to offer on this trek from snow-capped mountains and glacial lakes to flower-filled valleys with waterfalls, Buddhist villages to farming hamlets, the abundant variations in the landscapes and cultures is bound to leave an everlasting effect on you. The exhilarating 3 km traverse across the Pin Parvati glacier at 17,500 ft is an intimidating yet a glorious feat.

Highlights: Boulder crossings, Mantalai Glacial Lake, Pin-Parvati Glacier and Pass, Spiti Valley

Region: Kullu & Spiti, Himachal Pradesh Max. Altitude: 17,457 ft Difficulty: Difficult Season: June to September Distance Covered: 78 km Duration of Trek: 11 Days

The above discussed treks are some of the best in the Himalayas offering trekkers with unparalleled views and experiences which will leave them awe-struck. These treks are in the bucket list of adventurists and trekkers who want to explore the infinite beauty and grandeur of the Himalayas and push themselves to achieve higher limits.

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