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7 Essential Items to Pack While
Travelling With Your Pet

Pets are an essential part of our life. Many people are so fond of their pets that they regard them as part of their family. It is not surprising that such people will prefer to have their pet with them on a trip. However, one needs to make extra preparation in traveling with a pet. While cats and dogs are fantastic traveling companions, making adequate preparation will go a long way in ensuring that the journey is palatable for both parties.

Travelling With Your Pet

This article sheds light on essential things to pack when traveling with your pets. While you might add a few items unique to your pet, this list will guide you on having a great time out with your pet.

1. Toys

It is usual for humans to be bored and restless when confined in a vehicle for hours. This also happens to pets. While some might take a nap with the breeze blowing, it is not always the case. Even if they doze off, they will not sleep for the entire duration of the journey.

This is where pet toys and playset come in. It does not have to be something elaborate but an item your pet is already familiar with. You can have her favorite chew pillow to distract them. Since this is something familiar, it will distract and keep them calm for the journey’s duration. An excessively active dog can safely dissipate their energy by having something to chase around like a ball or stick.

2. Pet Carrier

A Pet carrier is one of the essential things you need on a trip with your pet. There are many types of pet carriers, so be sure to evaluate different options to choose the one comfortable for your pet. There are expandable dog crates suitable for extended trips, which allow for smart packing. If you are flying, be sure the carrier is comfortable for such long trips. Make sure to check the comfort of your pet in the carrier. It should be well ventilated and secured enough to prevent your pet from escaping.

3. Seat Belt Harness

Besides the fact fastening a seat belt is part of the regulations in most states, it is a safety protocol one needs to observe while driving. Wearing a seat belt is not for the driver alone but for passengers, including your pet. Since it will be difficult to fasten an animal with a seat belt, it is safe to assume you have your pet comfortable in a crate. You can attach this to the belt.

Also, there are unique seat belts made for pets that will fit a dog's torso alongside an attachment that will fit into the belt. They are comfortable enough to make your pet sit and stand, but not to walk around. They are like a short leash, and the length can be adjusted to restrict their movement.

Travelling With Your Pet

4. Correct identification

You might have an overcurious dog or cat who likes to explore and wander around. Also, chances are, you might not always be there to keep an eye on your pet. The right id tag is vital, and be sure to have them on your pet forever. Some required information necessary on the tag is your name and contact address, your pet's name, etc.

Some people might prefer to have a microchip on their pet. It is essential to make sure that the data on the microchip is correct and up to date. Also, having an extra ID tag is a good idea in case of any unplanned event.

5. First Aid Kit

No one plans for an incident, but it happens at times, which makes preparation essential. With this, be sure to have some essentials to take care of minor injuries. Simple things like bandages, hydrogen peroxide, tweezers, the styptic powder should do. There are simple first aid kits for animals you can buy. These supplies can be a lifesaver for your pet. So be sure to have them in your luggage before departure.

6. Comb or Brush

Many people invest time and effort in making sure they look good and presentable, and it is essential to do the same for your pet. Make sure to dedicate some time to your pet's care and grooming needs as well. Also, you should have a pet shampoo, flea comb, or tick remover. You wouldn’t want to deal with a nasty flea or tick infestation when you are back from the trip.

7. Food and Water

Introducing your pet to strange food can trigger stomach upset while on the journey. As a result, make sure to have as many foods, treats, and water as possible. Preserve this in an airtight vessel or container to retain integrity. Don’t forget their food dish as well. You can buy small travel bowls for cats and dogs that will not occupy much space. Water is essential to keep them hydrated and in good condition as well. Be sure to pack enough that will serve the pet on the trip.

Travelling With Your Pet


Traveling with your pet can be fun. However, fun is a function of the level of preparation. Here are essential things that will make life easy for you and your pet on the trip. And also make sure that you choose a dog friendly accommodation. So, what are you waiting for? Begin all your travel plans right away.

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