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Is Travelling During Pregnancy Safe? Trip Guidelines to Assure Safety for Pregnant Travelers

Travelling During Pregnancy

Pregnancy does not mean a full stop on travelling. Going on a business trip or a vacation trip is an excellent option when you are pregnant. It helps to bring good changes in the health and mood of women in such conditions.

Don't you feel safe travelling when you are pregnant? Well, let me tell you travelling seems safe if you are having a healthy pregnancy. But pregnancy complications may limit your travel to some extent.

A direct no or yes to travelling in pregnancy is not the correct guideline. Be it a plane or car ride; travelling when you are pregnant has its challenges. But if you go with a bit of planning and common sense, travel becomes more relaxed.

I am well aware of the travelling issues a pregnant woman face. My experience suggests following some guidelines if you badly need to travel. Consulting with the health care provider is crucial.

Let's find out the answers to all the travelling questions during pregnancy.

When is it perfectly safe to travel being pregnant?

Well, the ideal time to travel depends on your health and fitness. Doctors suggest that the second trimester of pregnancy is the best for travelling. The uneasiness and morning sickness you face at the beginning will become normal at that time. 

Moreover, you will still feel comfortable moving with your growing belly. Pregnancy emergencies are less likely to arise during this time.

When is it a bit risky for you to travel during pregnancy?

Travelling in a pregnant condition is challenging, and I know that. If you are facing certain complications like preterm labor, pre-labor membranes rupture, pre-eclampsia, etc. in your pregnancy, I would recommend cancelling your trips.

Are you carrying more than one baby in your womb? In such cases, travelling is not a good idea. Go through this blog to get more article reviews on safe pregnancy in the blog section.

Areas you should avoid travelling while pregnant

Avoid the areas with Zika outbreaks if you are expecting. Visiting such places may pass the infection to the unborn baby through the expecting mother.

Not only, Zika, but I would also say it is better not to visit the places with any infection spreading chances to ensure the maximum safety for both the would-be baby and mother.

Risk of DVT for pregnant travelers

DVT is a condition with blood clots in the vein. On long trips, pregnant women can't move and face such problems. So, you should follow some steps to keep you safe in such cases:

  • Ensure a massive fluid drink.
  • Keep stretching your body in intervals.
  • Wear loose-fitting comfy dresses.

Dos while planning a trip in pregnancy

In my opinion, for a comfortable and safe trip follow some suggestions:

  • Most importantly, go to a gynecologist for an overall checkup.
  • Keep your due date in mind while travelling.
  • I would ask you to keep the necessary medicines and ointments with the first aid kit.
  • Check your vaccination schedules.
  • Try to keep your trip plans short and secure.

Tips if you are travelling by air during pregnancy

  • Some airlines set rules of no travelling during 28 or 36 weeks of pregnancy. So, make sure you check the pregnancy policies of the airlines you are using. 
  • I would suggest you book the aisle seat. 
  • Drink water frequently. 
  •  Avoid carbonated food items that produce gases.
  • Keep your seatbelt fastened and stretch from time to time.

Suggestions while travelling by car for pregnant ladies

  • Buckle the seat belts properly.
  • Ensure the trip with frequent short breaks.
  • Wear the belt below the belly near hipbones.
  • Keep the shoulder belt placed across the chest centrally.
  • Move for a while and stretch. 

Advice to follow while sailing during pregnancy

  • Check if medical care is available at every port stop.
  • Verify the presence of any healthcare provider on the board of ships to help in your medical problems.
  • I would advise you to wash your hands more often to keep yourself safe from the infections.

Tips for you for a trip out of the country if your pregnancy

  • I would ask you to seek the consultations of your health provider.
  • It is better to check the health insurance coverage while you are abroad.
  • Take info about the nearest medical centers in the place you are about to travel.

Now you know when to travel and when to not during pregnancy. The safety of the fetus living inside you matters the most. 

Travelling doesn't seem so complicated in pregnancy. You need to take care of your health. But make sure to take your doc's advice regarding this. So, stay relaxed and enjoy your trip!

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