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10 Steps for Traveling the World on a Budget

By Lilian Chifley

Are you preparing for around the world trip? Does your head hurt from all the planning, booking and trying to save your pennies every now and then?

If so, then you're in the right place. You will discover ten useful tips for traveling the world on a budget that will help you save money that you can use to travel more or treat yourself. Scroll down without further ado…

  1. Purchase a Round the World Ticket
    Nowadays, an airplane is an obvious choice when it comes to traveling. However, it can be pretty expensive buying an airplane ticket for every leg of your trip. Instead, opt for a Round the World Ticket that allows you to bunch your itineraries together and more importantly, save a considerable amount of money along the way. It can be bought through an Airline Alliance, and it's an excellent option for travelers who want to visit various countries.
  2. Rent a campervan
    Renting a campervan gives you more flexibility and freedom when traveling. If you reach a place you really enjoy, for instance, some beach or bay, you can stay as long as you want. Besides, driving a campervan is a great way to save a lot of money, especially if you take advantage of the free camping option that doesn't include camping fees. Also, a campervan lets you explore different countries to the fullest.
  3. Take overnight train
    Traveling overnight is a convenient way to save money on accommodation. Plus, it also saves you valuable time. Instead of taking a train all day and booking some accommodation the night before or after, it would be better to combine them in one and settle down in a cozy sleeper compartment. There are plenty of routes where you can find comfortable sleeper trains, just do your research before hitting the road.
  4. Walk, walk, walk
    The best way to get to know a new town is to walk. Not only can you get a chance to explore its hidden gems and experience adventures that maybe otherwise you wouldn't, but you can also spare a huge amount of money that you would use on public transport. Besides, walking will help you stay in shape while traveling and burn off all those calories that come with delicious local food.
  5. Plan big expenses ahead
    Usually, the most memorable tourist activities are often the most expensive one. However, this doesn't have to mean that you should exclude them from your itinerary. The trick is to plan them ahead and include them in your budget. That way, you won't miss seeing the main tourist attraction because you've spent all your money. Make sure you do your homework and plan sightseeing. Online platforms, such as best essay help, academic essay writing, and assignment writing uk can provide you with useful information on various countries and help you prepare for your trip.
  6. Buy food at supermarkets
    Eating in a restaurant or cafes can drain your budget. Instead, go to the supermarket to get your supplies or already prepared food. That way, you can save a significant amount of cash that you can spend on indulging yourself later on or visiting some expensive tourist attractions. Likewise, buying food at supermarkets are a fantastic opportunity to try out exotic tastes of local cuisine.
  7. Eat street food
    Eating street food has many benefits. Fist, it's usually really, really yummy and tasty. Besides, this is the perfect way to get to know local cuisine since street food is often its best sample. With local food, there is a great chance to meet local people and learn about their traditions and customs. Last but not least, it's a huge money saver. It's much cheaper than dining in a restaurant.
  8. Forget about souvenirs
    Souvenirs are an indispensable part of every journey. They represent a piece of our adventure that we can bring back home. However, they also represent a massive drain of money. Instead of spending a fortune on various souvenirs, take photos of your special places and moments or collect pebbles from beaches you visit. Different small free items can be a lovely memorabilia, just find the one that sparks joy for you.
  9. Ditch the SIM
    Fortunately, today we live in a world of modern technology, so WiFi is everywhere and easily reachable: in hotels, airports, cafes, restaurants, malls, literally everywhere. Therefore, it's pretty safe to ditch your SIM card and enjoy all the benefits WiFi has to offer. If it happens not to find WiFi, so what? Enjoy and embrace the traditional style of traveling. It can lead you to new adventures.
  10. Give up coffee
    You probably think that buying a cup of coffee on a daily basis won't harm your budget. It's only two to four dollars a day, but over the months this pile gets bigger and bigger. So, consider having a break from coffee while traveling and leverage the free one you get along the way or simply make it by yourself if possible. This is a small saving, but it can have a positive impact on your budget.

Final thoughts
Now you're ready to go. Put these practical ideas into practice and have a wonderful around the world trip on a budget.

Lilian Chifley is a content writer specialized in best essay writing service and academic writing help. She is a bookworm who adores sharing her knowledge and expertise. Besides, Lilian is a lovely mum who loves playing with her children.

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