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How to Properly Travel with Your Vape Gear?

Travel Vape Gear?

Do you want to turn your vacation into a “vape-cation?” Since summer is slowly drawing near and the whole coronavirus crisis seems to be coming to a close, it’s the best time to go out and enjoy vaping. Take this opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities and have a lot of fun.

There are several things you need to consider when traveling with your vape gear. Hopefully, this post will help you understand all of these essentials of traveling with a vape to make your trip as smooth as possible. So, without further ado, here is what you need to know.

Make Sure Vaping Is Legal Where You’re Going

Travel Vape Gear?

There are many examples of horror stories from people who thought that vaping is legal everywhere. Well, sadly, it isn’t. They walked around freely with their vape gear only for it to be confiscated. On top of that, many countries will charge people for vaping as well.

Vaping is legal in the United States, the EU, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Other countries like India, Singapore, and Thailand have made it completely illegal. Certain vaping laws and regulations are continually changing in countries all over the world.

Use only safe lab tested vape juice by, as they ensure that there are no elements to the vape juice that would hinder your vaping experience or get you in any legal trouble.

Make sure that you do your research about the country you are traveling to. Is it legal to vape? Who can vape in that country? How? Where? These are all the questions you need to answer.

Pack Everything You Need

Travel Vape Gear?

First and foremost, check with your airline if they permit carrying vape gear or not. In most cases, air carrier capacity is limited to 100ml. This can be tricky since most vape juices are sold in 120ml bottles. But what you can do is buy additional empty 60ml bottle containers and split one juice into two smaller containers.

This shouldn’t be a problem for the airline company, and you will be cleared to board the plane. Depending on how long your trip will be, it might be a good idea to bring additional coils. As you might know already, coils can be somewhat unpredictable, and you never know how long they will last.

It’s a good idea to have a backup with you. Make sure to pack all of your liquids in the same carry-on bag to make it easier for people at the airport to check them. Additionally, this will ensure you don’t lose track of your gear.

Remove any Juice from Your Tanks Before Going on a Trip

This is something you should do before you get on a plane, train, bus, car, or whatever you’re traveling with. It’s especially important when you are going on a flight. You will be moving a lot, checking your stuff, and carrying your bag everywhere.

There is a high risk of the tank leaking while in your bag. When traveling in a plane, there is a 95% chance that this will happen. The air pressure in the cabin will cause the liquid in the tank to leak out, and you can potentially ruin all of your luggage.

Don’t Vape on the Plane

Don’t be that guy. Just because you like vaping doesn’t mean that everyone does. Sadly, the majority of people are not vapers or want to be surrounded by vaping. If you don’t want everyone on the plane to hate you, avoid doing this.

Some airlines might allow you to vape and give you a particular space where you can do this while separated from all other passengers. But if this isn’t the case, don’t test your luck. You will get your gear confiscated for no reason. There are rules concerning vaping on planes you should respect.

Things You Can Bring on the Plane

Travel Vape Gear?

One of the most common worries people have is whether they can bring vaping gear on the plane. But don’t worry, you can bring everything you need, just as long as you follow specific rules...

  • Battery Chargers for Vapes
    In most cases, charges are allowed in carry-on luggage only. Don’t try to put this in your luggage.
  • Vape Batteries
    Batteries are allowed on the plane, but they can be in your carry-on luggage only. Make sure that your batteries are less than 100-watt-hours. Higher numbers can present a problem.

    Some airlines make exceptions and will allow you to put them in your luggage. No matter what you do, these batteries need to be out of the device for inspection, preferably in a battery case.

  • Box Mods
    They are strictly for carry-on luggage.
  • E-Juice
    You can carry e-juice in your luggage or carry-on.
  • Vape Pens
    Vape pens are usually allowed, but each airline has their rules for checking and boarding. Make sure to contact them before buying your tickets.

We suggest taking all of these things in your carry-on as it will make it easier to find them and avoid getting your gear damaged.


These are the essentials you need to know when traveling with your vape gear. Enjoy your adventures, and have a fantastic summer!

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