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7 Travel Tips on a Tight Budget

1. Book Early

The moment you know you're headed away, book all of your travel accommodations as well as flights or bus tickets right away. This allows you to choose the most affordable dates for your vacation.

2. Travel Off-Season

Summer is probably the worst time to visit any place as it means tons of tourists and rising ticket prices. Wait to book your flight and accommodations off-season, and you can save a great deal of money. Plus, famous attractions are less likely to get overrun by eager tourists.

3. Campsites Are Cheap Accommodations

Scotland is steeped in natural beauty and boasts about 5,000 different campsites. Why not make your accommodations more interesting by booking your own campground? Plus, there are cabins and motorhomes for rent you can consider. Take care during the high travel season as you will need to book early to ensure your place. You may even consider hostels as a way to cut travel costs or a traditional farm as many operate as a bed and breakfast. Look around to see what may interest you and make your travels easier. If you want a hotel then you can get great prices on Oban hotels and plan a staycation.

4. Share Travel Costs

Consider traveling with friends or family so you can split travel costs and rent a cabin or house together. This can help you keep your vacation budget in check.

5. Buy Local Food

Prepare your own food using fresh ingredients that are locally sourced. This can cut your food expenses in half while also opening your door to new possibilities. Attend a local farmer's market or try a grocery store to buy ingredients you can prepare. A picnic at a park is a great way to enjoy your trip without spending needless money on fancy cuisine. Street food in Scotland is not only delicious but some of the best in the world! From cheese purchased on the streets to the freshly churned butter, there are limitless opportunities.

6. Try Local Fresh Drinks

Purchase a reusable water bottle that can keep its contents cold. Fill it with fresh and clean tap water to save yourself some much needed travel money. Apple juice is also a delicacy that you should try for breakfast whenever you get a chance! Of course, Scottish alcohol is another can't miss on your trip. Stay away from expensive local pubs and opt for microbreweries and manufacturers as they offer highly affordable drinks.

7. Go For Affordable Restaurants

Of course, your trip experience is hardly complete without visiting a local restaurant. Choose a smaller restaurant to get access to local foodstuffs such as a moose burger, fish soup or bacalao. These are all delicious and filling menu items that don't break your budget. Waffles, svele, and cinnamon buns are also local delicacies that you will want to try! They can provide a great treat while also giving you enough energy to keep going through the day. Once you reach Scotland, you can also just walk around and check out popular places where locals like to stop by to eat.

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