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Summer 2021 Travel Ideas From Lonely Planet Editors

Call us theatrical, but it's hard to imagine that vacations — actual vacations, not Animal Crossing-induced hallucinations — are back on the table after months of cancellations and solitude. While travel rules have changed, the game remains the same: go to a destination you want to see, book chalet and resorts, and enjoy it.

Never worry if the prospect of deciding on your first post-quarantine vacation paralyzes you. We have a few pals who work for Lonely Planet – yes, the Lonely Planet. We invited them to tell us about their summer plans and share their best travel ideas to help you plan a vacation to remember so that you can book accommodation and get your most awaited rest.

Destination: Iceland; Alexander Howard—Lead Editor

He had always wanted to go to Iceland, but the timing never seemed to be perfect. Nothing seems better than touring a wide-open volcanic terrain and warming up in a hot spring as a first post-pandemic foreign excursion after being restricted to our local environs.

Since the Geldingadalir volcano has already been erupting since March of this year, he is crossing his fingers that it will still be erupting when he arrives. Aside from that, he is excited to see Reykjavik's new Sky Lagoon and drive the Golden Circle, a handy path that passes through some of West Iceland's most important geological landmarks.

He will be taking his DSLR camera, a Canon 6D, with him on his travel. He likes travel photography because of the difficulty of framing a shot and conveying a narrative with a single picture. In a pinch, smartphone cameras will suffice, but nothing beats the quality and versatility of a DSLR.

While he is at home, sleep is very important to him, and finding the right balance when traveling may be difficult, whether it's due to staying out late to enjoy the bar scene or waking up early to see the dawn. Because the sun only sets for around 3 hours each night in Iceland, he will need to bring a good eye mask.

Destination: Chicago; Sheeka Sanahori—Director of Video

After missing out on visiting his family and friends due to the epidemic, he is going to see them again. No matter how many times he visits, Chicago always seems new and thrilling, particularly in the summer. Summer is usually packed with block parties and street festivals in the area. Those activities are likely to be curtailed this year, but he is still looking forward to attending home barbecues and rooftop bars.

When he visits Chicago, food is usually at the top of his priority list! He is looking forward to taking his kid to Lou Malnati's and Portillo's. When he is in town, he tries to visit Lem's for BBQ on the south side and Joy Yee in Chinatown at least once.

He will certainly spend some time by the lake, regardless of where he dines. He also wants to assist any of Chicago's blues clubs that have survived the epidemic since they are historically important to the city's culture.

Packing cubes for compression! They help keep him organized, particularly when he is packing for both his kid and himself. When he is in the middle of a vacation and needs to segregate clean clothing from what they have previously worn, they come in handy. He can also fit a few extra items in his bag because of the compression function!

When he is not at home, he walks a lot. Going on a walk in a new area and taking in all the sights and noises is one of his favorite things to do. It generally implies he is more active while he's on vacation than when he's at home.

Destination: Ireland and Wales, Europe, and beyond; Kerry Walker—Travel and Food Writer

Over the course of 2020, the valley, the dark forests, the stream, the hills, the bleating of sheep, and the gently shifting hues and colors of the seasons - these have been her constants, with her world focused mainly on a home in the Cambrian Mountains of Wales. This wasn't meant to happen. When she gave birth to her daughter in December 2019, She had big plans for her: a long-distance journey across Ireland and Wales, Europe, and beyond. Our baby-harnessed world was our oyster. Then there was COVID.

When the time comes in 2021, she will start taking little moves toward expanding her horizons. Because they are feeling vulnerable, it's important to start small and safe. Eira is her daughter's name, which means "snow" in Welsh, and that's what she is about to show her. It snowed. The snow is so thick that it forms huge, 6ft-high drifts. Perhaps on a lonely hilltop in the Swiss Alps, she had many of her first real experiences with snow, sparking a lifelong love with frigid environments. They are going to stay in a log cabin. She will slip her into a papoose and strap her to a Davos sled, and off they will go, astonished by the brightness of a world created fresh, through frozen woods and over untrodden mountain paths that crunch underfoot.

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