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5 Reasons Travel Is Essential to Your Wellbeing

travel for wellbeing

Travelling around the world tops many people’s bucket lists. With so many new cultures to immerse yourself in and countries to explore, who could blame them?

Not only does it give you the opportunity to see more of the world, but travelling also boasts a plethora of benefits and can instantly improve your wellbeing. Whether you have never travelled outside of your home country or are simply in need of an excuse to book a holiday, these five reasons will have you feeling itching to book a trip away.

1. Boosts mood and general wellbeing

We’ve all experienced that excitement of planning a trip and the waiting not-so-patiently for the plane to take off into the sky to a foreign location, for a well deserved holiday. Having a holiday to look forward can actually significantly improve our wellbeing and mood, as shown in a 2002 study. Participants who had a trip to look forward to were far happier with their life than those who didn’t, expressing positive feelings about their family, finances and health.

If you want to adjust your mindset, book a holiday in advance. You’ll have a boost of excitement and motivation to get your work done as the date approaches, making it all seem more worthwhile.

2. Sleep and exercise

Sitting at a desk all day causes your muscles to become inactive as well as leading to sleepless nights after a stressful day. It’s time to take a well-deserved break and give your body a boost with the help of the many stress-free holiday packages out there. These offer everything from flights to transfers to accommodation, taking out any stress when planning your trip.

From hiking in the great outdoors to exploring a new city by bike, you’re far more likely to do daily exercise while you’re away on vacation, firing your muscles into action. You’ll also be able to catch up on the sleep you’ve missed, allowing you to press ‘refresh’ on your system, both physically and mentally.

3. Memories that last a lifetime

Some people would rather splurge on a fast car or the latest device, but material goods are no competition when it comes to the level of happiness a holiday can bring. Rather than splashing the cash on an unessential item, consider holding back and saving up for a holiday instead. You might regret a purchase down the line, but you certainly won’t regret the memories a vacation can bring.

A recent study demonstrated that participants were less satisfied with their material purchases, often second-guessing their purchase. It also revealed that people received more happiness from their experiences, such as going on holiday, compared to material goods that don’t always stand the test of time. You will not be abe to forget the mesmerizing experience of Dark Sky Stargazing Tours Auckland. That new flatscreen TV might look great now, but it simply can’t beat a trip abroad.

4. Relieves stress

As well as improving your general wellbeing, a holiday is an instant stress reliever. It allows you to forget about work worries, as well as financial burdens and other matters. A trip abroad offers time to take your mind off of these everyday anxieties does wonders for your mental health, allowing you to address them with a clear head when you return. Taking a break from a busy office is essential, allowing you to rejuvenate your system while seeing more of the world.

5. Become more resilient

As much as you can try to plan everything perfectly, you’ll be confronted with unusual environments and different cultures while travelling. This will help you learn more about the world and grow as a person, often taking you out of your comfort zone so you can try something totally new. Travelling alone or heading to a new country for a few weeks helps you become more resilient, adjusting quickly to new situations. It’s a hands-on way of learning more about the world, as well as what to do in new situations.

Next time you’re busy at work or feeling under pressure, plan a trip away and give yourself something to look forward to. From the first moment you book your holiday to the point of stepping off the plan, you’ll notice a great boost in your wellbeing.

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