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Top 5 Things to Avoid When Camping


People get out of their houses at the arrival of summer, just like insects. If you are tired of your regular hectic routine, want some peace of mind, and feel a need to recharge yourself, you should just go out somewhere far away from your daily routine. Going out on tour is beneficial for health. Camping in a forest, near plants, you can take in fresh air and oxygen. It releases stress and is also a very healthy exercise for you.

But before going camping, in the excitement of tracking, bonfire, etc., you may forget to pay attention to camping rules. Most beginners make such mistakes. But I am sure, by following simple rules, you can enjoy your trip even more.

The following are some of the critical aspects you need to take care of while camping.

Reaching at Night

Some people love camping at night, but they have to face many problems when they reach the site. You can’t go camping without being prepared; you need to spend some nights there, so you need to be extra careful while making preparations.

When going camping, you need to pack your clothes, make meals, bring some snacks, bring an easy tent to set up alone, and set your backpacks. But you surely don’t want to do all this at night. One of the biggest reasons not to reach at night is that it would be very difficult for you to set up your tent in the dark. You can’t set your tent in a proper place as you are unaware of it. It might be possible you set your tent near a toilet or some other place, and then, in the morning, you need to shift your tent.

On the other hand, if you reach during the day, you can visit the site and become familiar with it. It is dangerous to arrive at night because, in forests, animals move all the time, and at that time, you can’t see them. However, the animals can see you because of their superior night vision.

Wrong Tent Selection

There are different varieties of tents available, but you need an ideal one for your needs. First, check the number of people and then select a tent of perfect accommodation. If it's just you and your partner, a hot tent 2 person sized would be perfect. The tent should be spacious so you can sleep comfortably and also store your goods in the tent. Check the poles of the tent; they should be aluminum made. A tent should have an easy setup so you can assemble it easily.

Check the tent’s fabric and if it’s waterproof. Before going camping, you should check the weather first. Then, choose a canvas tent that can withstand the windy as well as rainy and summer season. Your tent should be bug-free because many poisonous insects can bite you and ruin your trip in forests. This is an important point, so you must pay attention to it.

Remember the First Aid Kit

When you are making preparations for a trip, a first aid kit is necessary. I always have a first aid kit with me, even in my car. You don’t know when you may be caught up in any problem. Experienced campers put a first aid kit at the top of the list because cuts or wounds can happen because of plants.

You might get a headache during camping, sneeze due to cold weather, vomit while traveling, or get injured while going on a track. So, it would help if you packed some pain killers and bandages in a box.

Avoid Moving Alone in the Forest

Camping is a fun activity, but it can also be dangerous. Moving alone in there is not safe for you; there may be some animals moving around, especially bears. They may look fluffy and cute, but not when they’re up close – they are dangerous and can attack you. If you want to go alone, tell your partner where you’re going and bring a torch or a piece of wood with a fire burning. Animals are afraid of fire; they won’t get near you.

Before going alone, plan how to come back; you may get lost if you don’t work this out. Drop some things beside you or mark the trees, so you don’t forget your way. If you get lost in the forest, you and your friends may become worried, and this tension can spoil your camping trip.

Food Storage

I accept that you’re a food lover! But it’s not sensible to bring lots of food with you. Some people take types of food with them that get spoiled soon. If you want to bring burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches, store them in a proper freezer. You can take peanut butter, jam bread, etc. Additionally, don’t forget the water bottles; you need to carry lots of water with you, so you don’t get dehydrated.

Don’t forget to store your food in a proper place. Animals can get attracted to the smell of your food, so don’t put the food on your camping plates as it can be dangerous for you. Even small animals like cats, squirrels, etc., can cause chaos. Keep your food in your car or put it in a freezer.


This is an informative guide to make your trip perfect and memorable. If you follow certain camping rules, you will never get caught in any kind of trouble and can enjoy your tour even more. We have given you the top five things to avoid, but there are many other rules which you must follow. Some of them are: avoid throwing trash in and outside the tent as it can harm the environment; be careful while making a bonfire as tents can catch fire and burn the whole forest; don’t go near wildlife.

Now you know what things you should avoid while camping, and you can plan better trips now. Sometimes, it’s good to make mistakes because you learn from them. Families go camping, make mistakes, and need to find a solution. But at that time, they stick together and resolve the problem. Such things enhance unity, and they create lots of memories.

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