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Things to Do Before Traveling Abroad,
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You must be aware of the saying that good planning leads to good travel. Well, people also say that a fully planned trip never happened. But, if you are thinking of an international trip, planning is an absolute necessity. Heading to some foreign country sounds thrilling and tempting. But it’s equally hectic and serious. In addition to the usual planning such as lodging, and activities, international travel demands some extra steps. Here, you have broken down the list of things to do before traveling abroad.

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Get a passport and apply for visas:

If you don’t have a passport, go and make one. If you already have one, look for the expiry date. If the expiry dates are near, renew your passport. Generally, get a passport of six months validation.

Most of the countries demand visas before the entry. Although it’s not a universal requirement, most countries have made visas mandatory. Remember that getting a visa can actually be time-consuming and costly. The costs of visa depend on the country, and the time you plan to stay. 

Medical preparation:

First, you need to get a medical clearance before applying for the visa. Depending on the destination, you need to get various vaccines and medications as the precaution of various diseases. Also, get the stock of your routine prescription medication. For a tour in remote regions, pack non-prescription medicines like aspirin, and Imodium. 

Most importantly, get travel insurance. Make sure the insurance you get covers emergency rescue. 

Financial preparation:

Before overseas travel, inform your bank or credit card company about your trip. Then, you might get information about the foreign charges when you’re abroad. In some cases, they might freeze the cards due to invalid attempts in the foreign country. You might also get traveler’s checks. But it might have a less favorable rate than ATM. 

Also, be informed about the exchange rate. If possible, look for the menus of some restaurants and hotels in the country you are traveling. This will give you the general idea of the finance you will need during the trip. Learn about the entry and exit fee of places you will be visiting. 

Learn some words from the local language.

Of course, it’s impossible to learn the entire new language. But it’s best to learn some basics and important phrases of the language. Words that translates to “Hello,”, “please help”, “How can I get to”, “Where is the bathroom”, and “Thank you,” can be better. 

If you speak English, you might be in benefit. Still, you might face the times when effectively communicate is hard. These phrases might sometimes be a life saver during a foreign trip. If the language is too hard, you can print out a document having all the relevant phrases. 

Get electronics gears:

Across the world, there are different electrical outlets. So, make enough preparations so that your electronic gears function well. Buy an adapter with different settings to plug your device into foreign sockets. 

If your device doesn’t work well with the lower or higher current, you will also need a transformer. You will need the portable phone chargers and spare batteries. Get the chargers and spare batteries for your camera and laptop as well.


A Trip to a foreign country is a whole new load of experience and fun. With the right kind of preparations, it can ofer you the best memories ofyour life. But if something goes wrong, the experience can be a nightmare. So, do all of your preparations before getting on the plane that takes you to your dream country. 

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