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Discover Why Thai Massage and Spa Centers
are the Pinnacle of Relaxation

Thai massage

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world, annually ranking among the top-3 based on official statistics. Travelers have come to know Thailand as a haven from the stressors of daily life. They come to the Southeast Asian destination to experience a new culture, have fun, and relax. Atop the list of nearly every traveler’s itinerary is to visit a Thai massage and spa center to rejuvenate their body and get a famous traditional Thai massage.

Everywhere you go in Thailand, there are Thai massage and spa centers on every corner. In fact, even some markets and office buildings have massage stations set up. Using massage as a means of relaxation and/or therapy is so ubiquitous in Thai culture that nearly everyone Thai resident has a preferred Thai massage and spa center they visit habitually.

The Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage is unlike other massage modalities and does not focus solely on kneading muscles and pressure points with the aid of aromatic oils. Traditional Thai massage instead incorporates stretching and unique muscle movement to relax and rejuvenate the body. The stretching and contortion used in traditional Thai massage are akin to those found in yoga and often are incorporated into the massage to the surprise of foreign travelers who are unfamiliar with the techniques of Thai massage.

By both kneading muscles and stretching them out, Thai massage increases blood flow throughout the body and helps relieve aches and pains. On a spiritual level, traditional Thai massage promotes smoother energy flow throughout the body. After a visit to a Thai massage and spa center, you’ll feel revived and revitalized in a way that you have never experienced before. 

Many locals in Thailand seek the services of Thai massage and spa centers to relieve the symptoms of headache or muscle pain, though for some, it is part of their daily routine. After a taxing day at work, a Thai massage can reverse the negative effects of sitting in a chair all day by helping relieve stiffness and improve flexibility. It is not uncommon for these shops to be packed with patrons as work gets let out.

Thai Spa Treatments

Aside from traditional Thai massage, spa centers will offer a range of other treatments and therapies aimed at relaxing and soothing the body. Many will offer variants of the traditional Thai massage, such as a Thai oil massage. Similar to the oil-free version, oil massages start with stretching and twisting the body to loosen the limbs and muscles before applying oil. Oil is used for longer and repetitious kneads and applications of pressure to the muscles, which end up being less painful and intense than a traditional massage.

Other spa treatments include body scrubs, facials, aromatherapy massages, and foot massages. Scrubs and aromatherapy massages do wonders to promote healthy skin, as the scrubs exfoliate skin and remove oils and dead skin cells from the body. Stress and improper facial hygiene are leading causes of wrinkles and an “older” look, and these massages are a big reason why Thais often have a youthful glow even as they age. 

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