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Take a Ride to the Tallest Mountain in the World


Everest is the highest mountain in the world and is located on the border between China and Nepal, constituting the highest natural border in the world.

The first time its summit was reached was in May 1953 in an expedition led by 12 climbers, 40 Sherpas, and 700 porters and planned with seven tons of materials for their ascent. Since then many tried to climb the highest mountain in the world, many of them perished in the attempt.

In 2004 their ascent was achieved in record time, in just 8 hours and 10 minutes, which announces that technology and human capabilities are capable of amazing things. After knowing what is the tallest mountain in the world, one should also visit it. Let's take a ride to the world’s highest mountains.

The road that leads to the Everest is magnificent and paved. China has a big hand in the completion of the highway known as pristine asphalt highway. This highway is going across the Tibetan plateau. It gives big views of the 8000-meter Mountains.

Adrian Ballinger is one of the Everest climbers who are currently attempting this hardest task with his partner Cory Richards from the north side of Everest and also without any oxygen availability.

According to him “if they found this road anywhere, it would be one of the most amazing and unbelievable race stages for road bikers which you may imagine.

Besides this, the view of everything which you may see is unbelievable. These views particularly include Pangma to Cho Oyu, Makalu, Everest, and Lhotse” They consider it the coolest and amazing roads which they have seen on the planet up till now.

The road is leading right to the base camp. According to the policies and safety aspects, a tourist must stop their buses about miles back from 14000-foot camp. But for climbers, they are allowed to go to their tent spots by their rides.

From South Side Base Camp held in Nepal, it is a stark contrast that demands trek up for ten days to Khumbu valley.

How China appears in paving the way of Everest?

According to Ballinger, they have several issues and controversies with China and one of them is getting into this country. But in recent years, China becomes one of the most forward-thinking aspects of management of Everest.

Their top priorities and responsibilities are:

  • To regulate the trash
  • To fix any issue found in the ropes of the way to the summit of Everest
  • They help the injured and remove dead bodies found at the dangerous north side of this deadliest mountain

They consider it an extremely proudest thing that Mount Everest is present in their country and also a part of it by Tibet.

Ballinger is 40 years old and is a certified veteran high-altitude who works as a mountain guide. He reached the Everest summit more than seven times but with oxygen. Currently, he has its own company named “Alpenglow Expeditions”.

Richards and Ballinger were doing their best to include their name in a brief list of folks who can climb the summit of Mount Everest without any aid of oxygen supplements.

From 1978, Peter Hibbler and Reinhold Messier were the first people who achieved the amazing goal of climbing this deadliest mountain without oxygen. But now up to 200 climbers also got this goal but they use oxygen.

The Mount Everest summit is present just on the exact location of the border between Tibet and Nepal. Some factors affect the decisions of climbing Everest. These include:

  • Travel time
  • Ascent side
  • Cultural experience
  • The political climate of China
  • Cultural experience

Beside these all, there are also some major things that one should consider before climbing like:

  • Crowdedness
  • The difficulty of the climbing route itself
  • Mortality rate
  • Statistical success rate

These all effect on the decision, either one should start climbing the Mount Everest from north Tibet side or south Nepal side.

According to the estimation, the mostly hired individual Sherpas climbed the summit for countless times. Along with this record, Mount Everest has been climbed by up to 7000 times. In this way there occur only 282 deaths which are quite less with 4 percentage mortality rates.

On Southside, there are 176 deaths and 4400 breakdowns but on Northside there is 106 deaths and 2580 breakdowns toward the summit.

At the beginning of the 2000s, many of the climbers start their climb by the route of Tibet. But from Nepal, the companies of climbing guidance provide enjoyable and easy access to the summit.

Then in return Nepal, which is one of the poorest countries of the world, began to collect annually $3 million from Everest tourism. So the Sherpa workers who perform their duties on Mount Everest earn up to $5000 in the season of tourism.

If you climb Mount Everest from the Southside, then it is quite dangerous. Because here is a notorious Khumbu Ice Fall.

In 2014, a great tragedy occurred when the Serac crushed 14 Nepali/Sherpa workers. After this tragedy, it results in ethical questions about Nepali workers. These are how they can take risks while they are fixing ropes by icefall.

After this, most of the companies for the guidance of climbers, this mainly includes Ballingers Alpenglow Expeditions, move to switch their operations back to Tibet. Because they want to protect their climbers from Khumbu Ice Fall.

Besides this, the 2015 incident of 7.8 magnitude earthquakes that shook Nepal also creates great fear. At that time, Sherpa was fixing rope for climbing. But later on, they were rescued by rescue helicopters. On the other hand, the south sided Tibet, they step down this deadliest mountain by themselves.

On the North Side

On Northside, the Tibetan Sherpa does not contain as good climbing skills as Nepali Sherpa’s and the base camp of this side of Mount Everest is bigger and higher than Southside and also much windier.

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