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Study in Cyprus and Travel the World
at the Same Time - How I Did It

Most young people of this era from around the world – the western or eastern, the developed or developing worlds; all have at least one dream in common.

They all want to travel the world; they want to go places, see places, and mingle in places far, far away from the bedrooms.

This is even made more pressing by how invasive the internet has become through social media; luring these young ones with scenes, cultures and excitements thousands of kilometers away from their front yards.

As a Cyprus study abroad consulting and admission processing firm for international students, we at knows this and have seen this all too often.

Serving over 2000 foreign students monthly who wishes to gain cheap universities admission to study in cyprus’ top ranking schools; it not so difficult to begin to construct an accurate world view of the youths of this generation.

They want to go experience what’s on the other side of the fence, the fence after that and the fence beyond those; until there are no more fences to look behind. And mind you, looking through their phone screens is no longer enough; they want to be there life and coloured.

Below we tell a story of one of our students from a developing country - Paul Barnabas; who through enterprising means have been able to travel to over 8 countries worldwide so far on a low budget while still studying abroad in North Cyprus.

Achieving the Travel Dream while Studying Abroad in Cyprus – Trick the System

But first let’s discuss this.

If the desire to travel has become so rampant, what’s stopping more and more youths from moving. Here at, through our interactions with students seeking quality cheap Cyprus colleges and universities admission and scholarships for international students, we garnered relevant opinions and have listed below the three top restrictions for youth wishing to travel the world.

Who will Cover the Cost?

It is said, “Dream all you want; if there is no funding, most dreams will dead”.

With the nail hit right on the head like that, is there a need for further exposition? You see it cost money to travel, and majority of this age group are still teens and young adults who are yet to make their mark in life. Remember this enclave of people, include youths not just from the western and developed countries but also a large portion of them are from developing nations.

Time waits for no one and Time is Money

Another major hindrance is time. In fact, it's indirectly related to their first opposition mentioned above. A large magnitude of this young ones usually can’t make out time to travel; this is especially true for those who are not well financially propped.

For them, travelling means taking time off from work to go spend your hard-earned savings while not earning more in the process. You might even come back to no job if your boss couldn’t afford to give you a work-leave to go travel. This is really true for youths in developing countries.

Passport Strength & Visa Difficulty

“Because you are able to travel to many countries without a visa doesn’t mean that I can”, said a student who was recently consulting us on study abroad admission process. This barrier is a major issue for even youths who can afford the money and time to travel.

This is how it goes…

Countries with “strong” passports like the USA, UK, Canada, etc; usually do not even need to apply for a visa to travel to many countries. While other countries stamp them a visa on arrival.

However, countries who have a “weak” passport need to go through the mostly time wasting and tedious visa acquisition process. Imagine what it will be like if you wanted to chain-travel to 8 – 15 countries during your round the world trip; what a visa hell it will be.

So even if they could afford it and have the time, visa & passport strength is still a major hindrance.

How I Did it – Traveling the World while Studying Abroad in Cyprus

Did you identify with some of the restrictions we garnered that most young people face which causes them to default to giving up on or delaying their dream of travelling the world to a much later age?

Okay meet Paul Barnabas, a student who was in search of top ranking cheapest cyprus university admission for international students and consulted us at He has already travelled to study for some years and he has this to say about travelling and studying abroad.

“Hi, CyprusUni,

When I heard you were having a discourse on this topic, I decided to share my experience. I believe it might enable someone out there to achieve their travel dreams as well; no matter how altered to might have to become to make it possible.

You know the 3 major restrictions you discussed that young people face are all so true. Especially for us coming from developing countries. It affects not just those wanting want to travel for fun or tourism but also those yearning to travel for better quality education abroad; which was my case.

As you already know, I wanted to study in Europe for many reasons but those three top hindrances were all so real. When I approached you, you helped alleviate the cost aspect by assisting me gain admission into one of Cyprus’s top-ranking universities with a 50% tuition fees scholarship for international student.

You also helped me find affordable housing and advised me on how to live abroad hence further reducing my cost and total expenditure.

Concerning the visa, you see, I come from a country with a very weak passport, hence we are required to obtain a visa to travel to almost every country in the world. You guided me during the visa acquisition process and I easily got my student visa to travel to study in cyprus.

Now I am studying abroad in Europe, Cyprus and have achieved my foreign education dream.

But what about my travel around the world dream?

This is how I am achieving it step by step. It’s not the best but it’s better than nothing.

My degree program has a four years duration. And to travel the world, I perceive to travel back home every summer vacation. My trip to different countries around the world happens during my journey home which can take 3 – 6 days even though I am travelling by air; hehe.

I use this strategy both on my to and my from journey:

  1. No direct flights,
  2. I want as long transit wait time as possible,
  3. I seek countries I can transits without prior visa or easy visa,
  4. As much as possible I choose transit countries that allow passengers to leave the airport for a while either escorted or unaccompanied.
  5. I use different airline company for each to school and from school trip. This allows for reasonably different route for my travels.

I hope you are realizing my around the world travel technique.

It might not be the most desired but its fun for me and allows me to visit as much countries and airports as possible while still in school. Also, at same or lower budget.

As you know, indirect flights are usually cheaper than direct flights. Also having long transit wait time allows me much time to a explore each country or airport (if transit passengers are not allowed out).

And by using different airline, my travel route is usually unique 70% - 90% of the time. Through these I have visited over 8 countries including be not limited to Turkey, United Arab Emirate (Dubai), Egypt, Morocco, and many more.

I hope sharing my little strategy can help any young adult studying abroad travel to as much countries as possible even while still in school. Other means are through school exchange programs, summer programs, and school transfers – although they are much more limiting.”

Wow, that’s Paul Barnabas’s strategy. We here at hope you gleaned some clues from it to positively affect your travel around the world dream.

And for those wishing to receive assistance in processing your study abroad admission to Cyprus universities talk to us at and for admission to universities in other countries, talk to us on God bless you and hear from you soon, on your trravels around the world.

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